“Vivinha da Silva”, a manicurist discovers that for SUS she was dead – Direto das Ruas

Rozangela’s registry was deactivated in the SUS system for alleged death. (Photo: Straight from the Streets)

Still trying to understand the problem, Rozangela Marquiza Gomes da Silva, 53, discovered fraud in the SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde) system while trying to schedule a dental procedure in Campo Grande. During the service, she was informed that she had been reported dead in her register. Someone in Três Lagoas entered the information, as I declare to her.

Manicure, Rozangela says that at the end of February she had to look for a health unit because she had toothache. and ended up finding out about the “death” itself.

“The dentist tried to ask for a referral and was scared. He said that my registration was listed as dead and did not understand what was happening. I got a scare, what is that. I’m a little da Silva here, ”he said.

Since then, she reports that she has been trying to understand the situation, in addition to changing the registration. “I didn’t sleep for a couple of days, nothing like that ever happened. I felt humiliated. I went to several places to try to solve it, but we still haven’t got it. I was upset, we don’t know what to do ”.

In addition to not getting dental care, she explains that she was informed about possible problems in the future. “It can hurt me to retire. They spoke to register a police report, I tried it once and I couldn’t because they asked to make sure it was a fraud. Today, we are registering online ”, he adds.

Nora de Rozangela, Ivete Trovó Aquino, 25, is the one who is following the manicure in search of solutions. “Today we went to Sesau[MunicipalPublicHealthSecretariat)andmadeaprovisionalcardAfterbeingresolvedshewillhavetogobackthereandjointheregistrationsTheycannotcancelonlyjusticewillbeabletoresolveit”[SecretariaMunicipaldeSaúdePública)efizeramumcartãoprovisórioApósserresolvidoelaterádevoltarláeuniroscadastrosElesnãopodemcancelarsóajustiçavaipoderresolver”

“They gave the documents that he called to a doctor in Três Lagoas that he launched in the system and said that it was a fraud. I contacted him and said that they were using his name, since he cannot issue the death certificate ”, Ivete explains.

The report was unable to locate the professional, whose name will be preserved.

According to Sesau (Municipal Health Secretariat), the case is being investigated in the police sphere because it is a possibility of fraud. Meanwhile, Rozangela will continue with the temporary registration, which will be deactivated as soon as the medical record registered in Três Lagoas is resolved and reactivated.

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