XP Survey: 80% want vaccine and 58% point to error in government management against Covid-19

Despite Bolsonaro’s narrative against vaccines, the number of those who want to be immunized has only grown since the beginning of the year. Bolsonaro’s assessment of the pandemic continues to be a terrible one.

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247 – Despite the entire narrative of Jair Bolsonaro against vaccines against Covid-19, the number of people who want to get vaccinated only grows, according to an XP / Ipespe survey released on Monday (5). Bolsonaro’s action to contain Covid-19’s progress in the country was negatively evaluated by the majority.

Of those interviewed, 80% said they would be vaccinated for sure, against 5% who said they would certainly not accept being immunized. In January 2021, only 69% said they were sure that they would be vaccinated and 11% said they were sure that they would not be vaccinated.

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Respondents were also asked about Bolsonaro’s role in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic. Bolsonaro’s administration in the pandemic classified 58% of respondents as “bad and terrible”. They rated 21% as “great and good” and 19% as “regular”.


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