SUS has no “famous” artificial lung in Paulo Gustavo’s fight – Capital

SUS has no “famous” artificial lung in Paulo Gustavo’s fight – Capital
SUS has no “famous” artificial lung in Paulo Gustavo’s fight – Capital

Actor Paulo Gustavo undergoes treatment with artificial lung. (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

The supporters of the recovery of the actor Paulo Gustavo, protagonist of “Minha Mãe é uma Play” and who since March 13 fights against the covid-19, made the acronym Ecmo (Oxygenation by Extracorporeal Membrane) popular.

However, the artificial lung does not exist in the SUS (Unified Health System) in Campo Grande. Therapy is only offered in private hospitals, which serve private and health insurance. For those who can pay, the average cost is R $ 30 thousand.

“Because it is a very high cost treatment, both in the value of the machine and that of the team to be employed to accompany a single patient, it is not available to SUS so far”, informs Sesau (Municipal Health Secretariat).

Also according to the secretariat, the machine is of experimental use for the treatment of covid-19 and replaces the lungs. Like hemodialysis, when a machine filters blood from chronic kidneys, Ecmo leaves the lungs at rest, a “breath”, in recovery by covid, which has one of the characteristics of being aggressive with the respiratory system.

Proncor unit at Chácara Cachoeira, in Campo Grande. (Photo: Paulo Francis)

In the capital, the report found that the machine is found, for example, in Santa Casa (but not by SUS), Hospital da Cassems (Assistance Box for the Servants of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul), Hospital da Unimed and Proncor.

Two patients with covid-19 used therapy with Proncor. One was transferred to continue treatment in São Paulo and the other died.

The Hospital da Unimed reported on Monday that so far, no patient with covid, admitted to the hospital unit, had clinical indication for the use of therapy.

According to Santa Casa, the device has already been used in some cases of cardiovascular surgery. But the use is not paid for by SUS.

Extreme situations – Mechanical ventilators take the air to the lungs, where breathing is done by the patient. Ecmo, on the other hand, assumes the role of organs, making gas exchanges.

“Ecmo is an extracorporeal breathing membrane, used in extreme situations. Where the blood goes out of the patient’s organism, it enters the device, it is oxygenated and carbon dioxide is removed ”, says President of the Pneumology and Tisiology Society of Mato Grosso do Sul and doctor at the HU (Hospital Universitário), Henrique Ferreira de Brito.

The circulation of blood out of the body is done by means of two catheters. In this dynamic, the machine makes gas exchange, where carbon dioxide comes out and oxygen enters, which keeps the organism functioning.

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