Dry More: revolutionary new food supplement reduces body fat naturally

Dry More: revolutionary new food supplement reduces body fat naturally
Dry More: revolutionary new food supplement reduces body fat naturally

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Currently, one of the biggest challenges with regard to public health is obesity, which is a risk factor for the triggering and aggravation of several diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and sleep apnea, among many others. According to data from the Ministry of Health, more than half of the adult population, 58%, have some degree of overweight and at least 26% of the formed population of obese people.

Thinking of a way to provide the population with a really effective tool to fight obesity, entrepreneurs Lucas Malta e Fbio Greco they invested in scientific and biomedical research and studies to bring to the market a product that was effective in its purpose: considerably reducing body fat, naturally, thus creating Seque +.

Entrepreneur Lucas Malta, one of the founders of Seque Mais. (Reproduction)

With a composition rich in Vitamins A, C and D, Chitosan, Psylium, Spirulina and Chromium, Seque + is a differentiated product that not only helps in moderating appetite and reducing body fat, but also helps to prevent flabbiness and acts in the reduction of measures, reducing up to 81% of the deep fat and promoting loss of up to 5kg per month, on average, without side effects.

Slimming x Weight Loss

Lucas Malta explains that, in order to assess the effectiveness of Seque Mais in relation to other dietary supplements, it is necessary to understand the difference between the concepts of weight loss and weight loss. “It is possible to lose weight with a calorie deficit or by reducing food intake, but not necessarily you will be losing only fat, but also considerable amounts of lean mass and liquids that were retained. The great differential of this food supplement is the direct action on fat, going in addition to the other products in its category, which promote weight loss by promoting satiety in the patient, causing him to lose weight in general and not focusing on the loss of adipose tissue and concentrated or deep fat. ”



Among the benefits of Seque + are: Reduction of swelling due to its diuretic effect and also to detoxifying properties. Spirulina, which is part of the product formulation, acts directly in this regard. In addition, it promotes a feeling of satiety and reduces appetite, due to the high level of plasma amino acids. In addition, it promotes fat burning, associated with the thermogenic effect promoted by the formulation, which increases your natural fat burning by speeding up your metabolism and increasing your daily disposition.

In addition, it is a 100% natural, safe product, registered with ANVISA and that promotes weight loss without side effects.


The product, although new in the market, is already a sales success, having reached customers in practically all corners of Brazil. Now, the person responsible for bringing the product to the market, aims at even greater horizons. “We want to help more and more people across the country to lose weight healthily and thus become the main slimming product in Brazil, and reach the Top of Mind”, reveal the creators of the brand.

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