Monday will have smoke circulating in 23 neighborhoods of the Capital

Insecticide targets adult mosquitoes, preferably females. (Photo: Disclosure)

Vehicles will start spraying at 4pm

Used as an auxiliary tool in the elimination of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, transmitter of dengue, zika and chykungunia, the ultra low volume spraying service (UBV) better known as Fumacê will pass through 23 neighborhoods of Campo Grande this Monday (5). There will be a vehicle from the Coordination of Control and Vector Endemic Diseases (CCEV) of the Municipal Health Secretariat (Sesau) circulating in the streets of each neighborhood, following pre-established streets.

The teams will be in the neighborhoods:

  • Aero Ranch;
  • Alves Pereira;
  • Jardim América;
  • Caiçara;
  • Vila Carlota;
  • Centenary;
  • Midwest;
  • Cruise;
  • Vila Glória;
  • Jardim Paulista;
  • Jockey Club;
  • The Angels;
  • Maria Aparecida Pedrossian;
  • Mata do Segredo;
  • Monte Castelo;
  • Nova Campo Grande;
  • New lime;
  • New States;
  • Northwest Garden;
  • Piratininga;
  • Rita Vieira;
  • Tiradentes and
  • University.

For the insecticide to be more effective, it is necessary for the resident to open doors and windows, so that the poison reaches the places where mosquitoes are most likely to be.

The vehicles will start spraying at 4:00 pm, and will continue until 10:00 pm, already having a previously established schedule. In case of rain or strong winds in the region where the teams are scheduled to pass, it will not be possible to perform the service.

The insecticide affects adult mosquitoes, preferably females, which are the transmitters of diseases. Even so, it is possible that other species are affected and, therefore, a careful application of the poison is necessary.


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