In addition, Covid-19 can cause hair loss

In addition, Covid-19 can cause hair loss
In addition, Covid-19 can cause hair loss

More than a year after the new coronavirus taking over the world, doctors are still discovering new effects of the disease on our bodies. Beyond the most common symptoms, the novelty now is that the Covid-19 provokes loss of hair.

Hair loss is being considered a symptom of persistent Covid-19, as they are called the group of prolonged symptoms that remain present for a long time even in those who had the disease in a mild or moderate way. It happens during the onset of the disease and can even get worse months after the initial condition.

According to the dermatologist and full member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology Dra. Nádia Bavoso, this is because the threads have a fixed life cycle (between two and six years) and when the cycle ends, it enters in rest and falls, giving space for a new wire. “When our body faces an infection, this interval between falls can be shortened and, therefore, we see a greater loss at once,” he says.

The good news, explains the doctor, is that, “once the inflammation is over, the strands grow normally. Unless the person concurrently suffers from other causes of hair loss, such as baldness, which can also be enhanced by Covid-19 ″, he warns.

Other factors that can cause hair to fall out during the pandemic

Stress at work

Therein lies the problem. In addition to infections and the persistence of symptoms even after the virus transmission cycle, other factors can also impact hair loss. Among them are stress and anxiety, which end up deregulating all the functioning of the body, causing insomnia and food imbalances.

In addition, the increase in alcohol consumption e cigarette, can also cause hair to fall out. And even social isolation can be felt by the threads.

“In addition to the fear of contracting the virus, there is work stress, financial issues, children at home and the distance to loved ones ”, says the doctor. “With all this, it is expected that our body responds in some way and, among these responses, hair loss has been increasingly common,” he explains.

What to do if your hair is falling out, then? Does that mean you have Covid-19? Dr. Bavoso is: if you noticed that you are losing more hair than usual in everyday situations, such as washing your hair, see a doctor for clinical evaluation.

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