City Hall pronounces on study that pointed to the need for lockdown in Varginha

Research carried out in partnership between the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), the Federal University of Amazonas and the Federal University of São João del Rei, in addition to the National Institute for Research in the Amazon (Inpa), warned of the need for a lockdown by 21 days in Varginha, to contain the advance of Covid-19, in addition to pointing to the presence of the Amazon variant in the city.

The survey, carried out based on the number of deaths and hospitalizations between January 15 and March 15, pointed out that the city is experiencing “the third wave of Covid-19” and that there will be no drop in cases and deaths “without strict application of social isolation ”. The information was published by G1.

“This rate may still remain constant after that period, if no intervention is carried out. In addition, it is estimated that the transmission rate of variant P.1 has increased since it appeared in the Amazon region; in Varginha, this variant appears to be 2.5 times more virulent than the variant of the virus that gave rise to the Covid-19 pandemic ”, the study pointed out.

“Given the situation that is projected for Varginha, we recommend a lockdown with a restriction of more than 90% of the population for a period of at least 21 days. The adoption of an unsatisfactory period to control the pandemic represents a risk of a further increase in cases and deaths. Concomitant with social isolation, the vaccination of the population must be maintained and, if possible, the rate of immunization should be increased ”, completed the research.

What the City says

The City Hall pronounced itself on Sunday night (04), by means of a note, stating that it will manifest itself only after official notifications from the competent bodies, which did not occur, as well as after analysis by its technical bodies, he said.

“At the time, just register that any variants of the Coronavirus, if they exist, circulate throughout the country, and it is not possible to consider any actions based on prospects from which it did not have access. Likewise, it should be noted that the so-called” Purple Wave ” it differs from lockdown, since it has never prevented the movement of people by the State, and any attempts to associate any more serious variant of the Coronavirus with the city of Varginha are inconsequential, “added the City Hall.

Cases and deaths in Varginha

Varginha has been at Onda Roxa since March 30, when she was forced through an injunction to follow the rules of the Minas Consciente Plan. In the last bulletin, released this Saturday (4th), Varginha has 7,914 confirmed cases, with 7,314 cured, 159 deaths and 64 hospitalized with the disease.

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