Can dependents continue in the health plan after the death of the holder?

In the delicate moment that we are living many families are losing their loved ones. After the death of the health plan holder, dependents may not be informed about the right to remain in the plan, guaranteeing medical care in case of any eventuality.

Some documents of health insurance, both family and business and by adhesion, may have a clause for the permanence of dependents (spouse or dependents who are still in conditions of dependents, such as minors) after the death of the holder without having to pay the monthly fees.

If you do not have a contract with the referral clause. An ANS regulation, which becomes effective at the end of the referral or in the event of the death of the holder in contracts without referral, the dependent can remain with the plan, as long as he assumes payment of the installments.

In the case of business contracts in which there is no redemption clause, if the holder pays part of the monthly fee, dependents can stay up to two years paying monthly fees corresponding to their lives. If the deceased holder was retired, it may be that dependents may remain on the plan for life, depending on the view of the courts.

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