Amazonas goes from collapse to fall in deaths by covid-19

Amazonas goes from collapse to fall in deaths by covid-19
Amazonas goes from collapse to fall in deaths by covid-19
The Amazon goes from collapse to a drop in deaths from coronavirus (covid-19). The first issue to take into account is that the state was the first to have an acceleration of cases in the second wave.

At the time, with an explosive high in early January, when the state had more than 250 hospitalized patients per day, points the Uol report.

With this, without isolation measures, and with the end of the year parties, the still unknown new variant, P.1, much more transmissible, took advantage of the movement of people and spread.

With the most transmissible virus and no immune barrier, much of the city fell ill in a short time.

“With this new variant, the susceptible population has greatly increased, which has caused massive illness. This fall now has to do with the high number of people who fell ill in this short period ”, confirms infectious disease Bernardino Cláudio de Albuquerque, professor at Ufam (Federal University of Amazonas) and researcher at Fiocruz (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz) Amazônia.

Another point that he considers fundamental is that, after the hospital collapse, the state adopted stronger measures to restrict the circulation of people, with the ban on the circulation of people on the streets.

“These non-pharmacological measures helped to reduce the circulation of the virus and also contributed to this drop now”, he points out.

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Amazonas has another day of fall in cases of coronavirus

Mass sickness

For Felipe Naveca, virologist and researcher at Fiocruz Amazônia, the massive illness left the coronavirus with less chance of being able to infect people in the state due to the temporary immunity generated by the second wave cases.

“When you have a big peak, as there was here, the tendency is for it to decrease – and that’s what happened. This probably came from a depletion of susceptible people, together with distance measures, which reduced the transmission rate and, consequently, the number of new cases ”, he says.

There is still no final result of an epidemiological survey in the state that indicates which percentage of the population fell ill in this second wave.

Third wave

Despite believing in a high percentage of people infected in the first months of the year, Bernardino says that the decrease in cases and deaths, it is not possible to relax.

“Theoretically, there is a chance of a third wave, in case a new variant appears in which there is no effective coverage by the vaccine. This would bring the possibility, yes, of having a new epidemic high. But our hope is vaccination, but unfortunately it is not at the proper speed, ”said Bernardino Cláudio de Albuquerque, an infectologist and professor at Ufam.

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Photo: Diego Peres / Secom

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