association president of VIJ-DF is hospitalized in serious condition

association president of VIJ-DF is hospitalized in serious condition
association president of VIJ-DF is hospitalized in serious condition
The protection agents of the Federal District Childhood and Youth Court assist in assisting abandoned minors in enforcement actions, but have not yet been vaccinated against Covid-19.

The disease infected the president of the Association of Commissioners for the Protection of Children and Youth of the Federal District, Augusto César de Souza Sobrinho (featured photo).

Augusto César’s condition is serious. The lungs had to undergo drainage. He also underwent hemodialysis. This Saturday (3/4), he was referred to an intensive care unit (ICU).

At the Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories (TJDFT), the Child and Youth Court has approximately 300 agents.


The association asked district deputy Robério Negreiros (PSD) for support to gain access to the vaccine. The congressman sent a letter to the Secretary of Health and to the Chief of Staff, requesting the vaccination of the agents.

See the letter sent to Health:

Office – Protection agents by Metropoles on Scribd

“I used to be a protection agent for the Childhood Court for 8 years. When a mother has a child in a hospital and abandons him, only a child who can collect that child is a protective agent. It is fieldwork, ”he said.

Missions of a protection agent:

I. To inspect stadiums, bars, nightclubs, cinemas, theaters and other establishments where children and / or adolescents enter or stay, as well as those places where entry is prohibited;

II. Promote or arrange the recharge of children and adolescents throughout the national territory in compliance with the judicial order;

III. Monitor the custody of the adolescents referred to the Childhood Court of Youth for hearings and other procedures, when there is a need to keep them in the Caution Ward, in accordance with the provisions of the Procedures Manual established through Ordinance VIJ No. 07, of April 9, 2015;

IV. Forward or accompany the referral of adolescents to hearings, interviews and other displacements in the premises of the Court of Childhood and Youth, when necessary;

V. Support government agencies in integrated actions in cases of situations of social and personal risk for children and adolescents;

SAW. Guide teenagers to the units responsible for their provisional caution or for the fulfillment of socio-educational measures applied to them, when necessary and in compliance with the judicial order;

VII. Refer children and adolescents at risk to care or protection units;

VIII. Forward to the adolescent police authority that has committed an infraction, when the act is under the supervision of the Commissioner for Protection;

IX. Deliver a child or adolescent, found in the situation provided for in art. 98 of the ECA during the exercise of their duties as Commissioner, to their legal guardians, by drawing up a term of delivery and responsibility, if applicable;

X. Supervise the transportation of children and adolescents on highways and at bus, rail and airport stations;

XI. Supervise the sale of copies of publications prohibited to minors under 18 and precede the seizure of publications, upon judicial determination;

XII. Participate in socio-educational actions aimed at disseminating the rights of children and adolescents, such as campaigns, lectures, among others;

XIII. Comply with other determinations, when emanating from the Judicial Authority.

XIV. Comply with court orders issued in view of the determination of the Court of Law of the Court of Childhood and Youth of the Federal District.

The report contacted the Department of Health on the subject and is awaiting a response.

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