‘It will not be possible to accelerate vaccination in April’, says ex-PNI coordinator

‘It will not be possible to accelerate vaccination in April’, says ex-PNI coordinator
‘It will not be possible to accelerate vaccination in April’, says ex-PNI coordinator

Until this Saturday (3), Brazil applied 24 million doses of vaccine against Covid-19, most of them just first doses, resulting in a low percentage of people fully immunized – 5.2 million, or just 2.49% of the population. Brazilian population.

For Carla Domingues, former coordinator of the National Immunization Program, it will be difficult for Brazil to be able to accelerate this distribution in April because there is a shortage of doses.

“Butantan and Bio Manguinhos are saying that they will deliver in the range of 20 to 25 million doses. So, on weekdays, we are talking about 1 million people, ”said Domingues.

However, she points out that this amount does not allow the application capacity to increase per day and there is a risk that more populous cities will face interruptions due to lack of immunizers.

“What we are not going to achieve, unfortunately, is to accelerate. E. possibly. even having 1 million a day, we still run the risk of some municipalities running out of vaccine. We would need to have at least 30 to 40 million doses monthly ”.

Flu Campaign

The campaign against Influenza begins in Brazil on April 12 and will continue until July concurrently with that of Covid-19. “This is going to be the biggest challenge imposed on the Unified Health System (SUS). We have never carried out two campaigns in this magnitude of practically vaccinating the same target group with this amount of people “, he says.

She points out that vaccines cannot be interchangeable: whoever takes the first dose of Coronavac has to end with that of Coronavac, the same must be followed in relation to AstraZeneca. In addition, the flu vaccine cannot be applied at the same time as Covid’s. “You need to wait at least 14 days,” he points out.

“This will require very large logistics from the municipalities. How are we going to organize this campaign and ensure that 1 million people are vaccinated daily for Covid-19, but also 1 million for the flu? ”, Says Carla Domingues.

Armed forces

In a press conference this Saturday (3), the Minister of Health Marcelo Queiroga commented on the promise of the Federal Government to use the Armed Forces to assist in the vaccination campaign. Carla says that the FA, as well as the Air Force, are already great allies in the PNI, but that the problem now is not the logistics, but the lack of vaccines.

“This force will only be able to be fully utilized if we have vaccines, because our big problem today is not in the structure, but in the shortage of vaccines”, he says.

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