COVID-19: Governador Valadares maintained the routine of deaths this Saturday – Gerais

Sad routine at the Bom Samaritano Hospital: ambulances entering the Vila Isa medical unit, which has its 28 ICU COVID-19 beds occupied (photo: Tim Filho)

Governador Valadares follows the sad routine of deaths of patients affected by COVID-19. This Saturday (3/4), the epidemiological bulletin issued by the Municipal Health Department registered 12 more deaths and 247 new cases of the disease.What scares the Valadarenses significant increase of the number of deaths in the past few days, with numbers in the double digits. On Saturdays, it is common that the number of deaths in the bulletin will be much lower than the numbers of working days. In the last Saturday (27/3), 6 deaths were registered. This Saturday there were 12, twice as much.

Another concern is the lack of ICU COVID-19 beds in public hospitals (Hospital Municipal and Hospital Bom Samaritano) and in private hospitals (Hospital Unimed-GV and Hospital So Lucas). Of the 58 ICU COVID-19 SUS beds, 51 are occupied by patients from Governador Valadares and seven patients from other cities.

With the deaths recorded this Saturday, Governador Valadares has 755 deaths by COVID-19. Another 86 dead still have COVID-19 tests being analyzed at the Fundao Ezequiel Dias (Funed), in Belo Horizonte. Only patients who have had all the symptoms of COVID-19 and their families are waiting for confirmation as to whether or not they have the disease.

Doctor of Valadares dies in Rio

The cardiologist doctor Arnoldo de Souza, much loved in Governador Valadares, died of complications from COVID-19 this Saturday (3/4), at Hospital Norte D’Or, in Rio de Janeiro, where he was transferred due to lack of an ICU bed in Governador Valadares, on the March 15.

Arnoldo de Souza was president of the Medical Association of Governador Valadares between 1997 and 1999. He was a politician, he was president of the Municipal Directorate of the Workers’ Party in Governador Valadares; candidate for vice-mayor of Governador Valadares in 1996, composing slate with Joo Domingos Fassarella, but failing to get elected. The family did not inform about the burial of Arnoldo de Souza.


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