Mother and son hospitalized with Covid-19 flee hospital in DF

A resident of Brasília decided to take her son from a public health unit in the Federal District, this Saturday afternoon (3/4), without prior medical authorization.

The teenager has Covid-19 and pneumonia and was accompanied by the team from the Regional Hospital of Guará, one of the references of the Health Department for the treatment of the disease.

The fact generated an uproar among the professionals of the unit, who sought the Tutelary Council of the region to report the episode. According to servers, mother and son “escaped from the Hospital with the justification that they would seek care at a private hospital”.

In conversation with the Metropolises, the mother confirmed the decision and informed that the 13 year old boy is already being treated in a private hospital. “I don’t want to expose my name, no. Everything is fine and he [o filho] he is being treated at a private hospital right here in Brasilia ”, he said.

Without authorization

The column Indiscreet Window sought the Health Department to comment on the episode. In the report, the folder reinforced that the mother and the boy left the public unit “without authorization from the hospital staff”.

According to the note, the official alleged that [eles] had health insurance and would go to a private unit.

“The management clarifies that the person in charge was thoroughly advised on the patient’s situation and on the risks and the need for epidemiological control, in addition to the indispensability of being kept under medical surveillance, however, she did not agree”, registered the secretary.

“All hygiene and mask use measures were reinforced. The Guardianship Council was promptly called in to actively search and monitor the case, ”he added.


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