Brazil confirms 1,987 deaths and 43,515 cases of covid-19 in 24 hours

Brazil confirms 1,987 deaths and 43,515 cases of covid-19 in 24 hours
Brazil confirms 1,987 deaths and 43,515 cases of covid-19 in 24 hours
At least 12,953,597 Brazilians were diagnosed with covid-19 and 330,193 died of the disease until 5:30 pm this Saturday (3.Apr.2021). The data are from the Ministry of Health.

There are 1,987 more victims than confirmed the day before. The authorities also confirmed an additional 43,515 diagnoses.

The Ministry of Health also counts 11,305,746 recovered people and 1,317,658 in follow-up.

Due to the 6th Holy Week, the numbers on the balance sheet were lower than those of the last few weeks.

As a result, Brazil registers the second consecutive drop in the moving average of deaths. There are 2,806 deaths per day, counting the last week. On Thursday (1st of April, 2021) the country reached a record of 3,117.

The moving average equalizes abrupt changes, mainly because on weekends and Mondays there is a reduction in the registered numbers.


Brazil has 1,548 covid-19 victims per million inhabitants. Only the Northeast is below the national average. In the analysis by States, only Maranhão has less than 1,000 victims per million.

Brazil occupies the 18th position in the ranking worldwide. The virus is more lethal in the Czech Republic: it kills 2,505 per million inhabitants.


Authorities confirmed another 43,515 diagnoses this Saturday (April 3). The average number of new cases showed a great drop in relation to the previous day and is 66,176, caused by the deviation of the 2 consecutive holidays – 5th and 6th Holy Monday.

The peak was on March 27, when the moving average of cases reached 77,129.


Brazil applied the first dose of vaccines against covid in 19,059,885 people until 4:15 pm this Saturday (3rd of April). Of these, 5,321,106 received the 2nd dose. In all, 24,380,991 doses were administered in the country.

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