Understand how Argentine president caught Covid-19 after being vaccinated

Understand how Argentine president caught Covid-19 after being vaccinated
Understand how Argentine president caught Covid-19 after being vaccinated

Argentine President Alberto Fernández presented positive test to Covid-19 even after receiving the two doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, as announced on Saturday. With mild symptoms, the politician even registered 37.7 degrees of fever and headache.

According to infectious disease specialist Renato Kfouri, director of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations (SBIm) and member of the Technical Advisory Committee of the National Immunization Program (PNI) of the Ministry of Health, this is possible because none of the immunizers tested against the coronavirus is 100% effective.

In the case of Sputnik V, developed by Instituto Gamaleyain Russia, the proven effectiveness for preventing Covid-19 is 91.6%. Therefore, according to Kfouri, immunization does not dispense with the use of masks.

“There are at least three reasons that justify the use of the mask after the second dose: the vaccines are not 100% effective, so it is still possible to contract the disease. Even if it is not serious, it can cause malaise; there are no unequivocal demonstrations of that vaccines are capable of preventing transmission, so the vaccinated individual may not get sick, but will transmit it to others, ”he says.

During the tests of phase 3 of the clinical studies of Sputnik V, a stage in which the effectiveness of the immunizer is evaluated, there were 16 symptomatic cases of Covid-19 among those who received the vaccine, according to the Gamaleya Institute.

The Argentine Ministry of Health reported that the president is among less than 0.2% of those vaccinated in the country who contracted Covid-19. Minister Carla Vizzotti said the data is being analyzed by the government.

Fernández, who turned 62 last Friday, received the first dose of Sputnik V on January 21 and was inoculated with the second dose on February 11, according to the presidential office.

“What my doctors tell me is that the vaccine has generated a significant amount of antibodies so that I am not experiencing it now as a 62-year-old who is infected,” he explained.

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