Animal vaccine factory can make doses against covid, says Queiroga

Animal vaccine factory can make doses against covid, says Queiroga
Animal vaccine factory can make doses against covid, says Queiroga
Minister Marcelo Queiroga (Health) said that WHO (World Health Organization) and Brazilian authorities will check whether it is possible to adapt the factories that produce vaccines in animals to increase the stock of doses against covid-19.

The announcement was made after a meeting with PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) to purchase kits used for the intubation of patients. The Director-General of WHO (World Health Organization), Tedros Adhanom Ghereyesus also participated.

According to him, Tedros was committed to helping Brazil to get out of the covid-19 pandemic, and not to criticize the work of the Jair Bolsonaro government in combating the health crisis.

On the use of industrial parks for the manufacture of animal vaccines, Queiroga said that there is still no agreement. “There are conversations. I talked about the vaccine park for animals that can be used because the technology is similar. But that still needs technical evaluation. This will not solve the problem in the short term. It will help in the medium term for Brazil and also for other countries ”, he stated.

Brazilian and WHO health authorities will check the suitability of the units to verify the feasibility of the use for the production of vaccines against covid-19.

“Not only to supply the domestic market and expand our vaccination capacity, but also so that Brazil, as a world leader and leader in Latin America [em programa de vacinação] be able to offer in the near future, if everything happens with what we have programmed, above all with its own technical bases, to offer vaccines to other countries in Latin America and to the world ”, said the minister.

WHO and PAHO are also going to sell strategic inputs to Brazil, such as intubation kits, medication, sedatives, neuromuscular blockers and others. There are 22 items in the shopping basket in Brazil, 8 of which are urgent. Most should arrive within 2 to 4 weeks.

“The Ministry of Health has been monitoring the supply of these neuromuscular blockers to states and municipalities day by day and we are now collaborating with Opas to be able to replenish our regulatory stocks, in such a way that this daily operation that exists to provide these inputs to states and municipalities is less painful for us in the Ministry of Health and creates less anxiety in the Brazilian population ”, said.

He said that the problem of lack of doses is not unique to Brazil, but mentioned that the country has two industries with production capacity: the Butantan Institute and Fiocruz. The Ministry of Health is working on a goal of vaccinating 1 million people a day this month, with 30 million doses produced in the country.


Queiroga spoke with President Jair Bolsonaro and Defense Minister Braga Netto about expanding the Armed Forces’ role in logistics and operational work in the vaccination campaign. The request was made by the Chief Executive.

“The government has a strong dialogue as determined by our President of the Republic, who is personally committed to increasing the country’s vaccination coverage. We will have the support of the Armed Forces, whether in the logistics of vaccine distribution, or through the technical staff of the health area, helping States and municipalities to vaccinate the Brazilian population in a very effective way ”, he declared.

He said the president did not say whether he would vaccinate on Saturday. It is a subject “folksBolsonaro, according to him.

The plan is not yet detailed. There are 37,000 vaccination rooms in Brazil and, according to Queiroga, there is the capacity to vaccinate the entire population.

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