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(Photo: AFP / dpa / Christoph Schmidt)

Thousands of people gathered in Stuttgart on Saturday (03/04) to protest the sanitary measures, while the debate in Germany about the increase in restrictions in the face of the third wave of COVID-19 it intensifies. Thousands of protesters, most without masks, arrived at a square in the northeast of the city in the middle of the afternoon after a march from the center, noted an AFP journalist.Participants “ignored” the repeated requests for respect for health standards, including wearing masks and social detachment, the police explained in a note, without reporting serious incidents.

This movement, contrary to the measures taken to limit the spread of the coronavirus, which has been dubbed “Querdenken”, or “Anti-conformist”, has been manifesting itself regularly in Germany since the beginning of the pandemic.

Members of the extreme left, supporters of theories of conspiracy, vaccination detractors and supporters of the extreme right participate in this movement.

Between 15,000 and 20,000 people are gathered in Cassel on March 20, leading to clashes with the police and several interpellations.

In Stuttgart, protesters called for an “end to the COVID-19 dictatorship” on their posters.

The mobilization takes place while Germany debates a hardening measures against the outbreak of new infections.

The government “is studying” the possibilities of standardizing health rules “to prevent the third wave of coronavirus if measures in the region fail to reach it,” a spokesman said on Saturday.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is in favor of strict measures to contain the virus, while the incidence rate on Saturday was 131 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in a week.


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