Volta Redonda City Hall extends rules in force against Covid-19

Volta Redonda City Hall extends rules in force against Covid-19
Volta Redonda City Hall extends rules in force against Covid-19

Volta Redonda – After meeting with the mayors of Barra Mansa, Rodrigo Drable, of Pinheiral, Ednardo Barbosa, and other mayors of Cismepa, this Saturday morning (03/04), the Volta Redonda City Hall decided to extend the restrictive measures in force against Covid- 19.

The new decree will extend the measures until next Sunday, the 11th.

On the other hand, a change will be made so that it is allowed to return to the face-to-face classes where it was already working.

The decree will be adapted to take effect outside the holiday period instituted by the State Government, that is, until next Sunday. New proposals were presented, as follows:

New testing system

The Volta Redonda City Hall will implement – in partnership with Unimed Volta Redonda – this week, a new system for testing suspected cases of Covid-19. An antigen test will be used, which will be ready in a few hours after the material is collected.

Immediate treatment

Positive cases will start to be treated immediately, with the medicines that the doctors prescribe and judge to be the most suitable for the patient. The professional will be free to prescribe and the chain will supply the medication.


The telemedicine system will also be adopted, which will be another partnership with Unimed Volta Redonda.

Hospital beds

The city will announce this week the opening of more hospital beds (ICU and Clinical Medicine) and the reorganization of the network in order to optimize spaces and medical teams.


The municipal government will start this Monday, the 5th, the vaccination of people aged 70, as well as expand the application of the second dose in thousands of other people already vaccinated with the first dose.

With the receipt of new doses, which is expected to happen this week, Volta Redonda will be able to significantly lower the vaccinated age group. The goal is to bring the maximum age of 60 to the maximum.

The City is preparing for this week vaccination in a drive-thru system, without prejudice to the work that has already been done in the Basic Health Units.

It will be important that everyone takes the documents already charged and do not forget the proof of residence.

Enlarged inspection

The inspection sector of the Municipal Finance Secretariat, Health Surveillance, Municipal Guard and other sectors of the security forces will reinforce actions to ensure compliance with the rules.

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