Paulo Gustavo has worsened in the fight against covid-19

Photo: Instagram / Paulo Gustavo / Pipoca Moderna

Interned with covid-19, comedian Paulo Gustavo (“My Mother is a Play”) worsened lung function. In a statement, the actor’s press office stated that he underwent “therapeutic adjustments” due to the worsening of his clinical condition.

In mechanical ventilation since last Sunday (3/21), in Rio de Janeiro, the actor showed signs of improvement, but due to the worsening of his clinical condition, he had to evolve to ECMO therapy (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) and continues on intensive therapy.

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation is a technique used in people with cardiovascular or pulmonary failure. The therapy relies on the use of a pump to circulate blood through an artificial lung outside the body, and then return to the bloodstream.

The statement highlights that the actor’s family continues to thank fans for their affection and asks them to continue to send good energy and prayers for their recovery and for all who are in the same situation.

Thales Bretas, the actor’s husband, said he was living in difficult days. The dermatologist made an outburst on social networks after the worsening of the humorist’s disclosure. “I am living difficult days … Choosing to stay in prison, without exposing pain or difficulties on the internet. I am experiencing a particular moment in my family, which I still don’t know why but in the future I hope to understand. And always with a lot of faith, a lot of positive thinking for to have the love of my life by my side again “, he wrote.

He further confirmed the change in clinical treatment.

Paulo Gustavo’s father, Júlio Marcos, also spoke on social media to ask his son for prayers. “He is facing an arduous and painful struggle,” he said of the actor’s health, who has been hospitalized since March 13.

On Wednesday (3/31), Déa Lúcia, the artist’s mother, has already gone to social media to ask her son to improve. She shared a video in which she appeared on stage during a performance by the actor, who was inspired by her to create the play and the films of “My Mother is a Play”.

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