Founder of the website Reclame Aqui dies of covid-19 at 58

Founder of the website Reclame Aqui dies of covid-19 at 58
Founder of the website Reclame Aqui dies of covid-19 at 58

Maurício Vargas was president of Reclame Aqui, a website he founded 20 years ago (Credit: Reproduction / YouTube)

The founder of the website Reclame Aqui, Maurício Vargas, died on Friday night (2), at 58, due to the covid-19. He was admitted to a hospital in São Paulo just over a week ago and on Thursday (1) he was submitted to an intubation.

Vargas, who was president of the company founded 20 years ago, was born in Campo Grande (MS). O Complain here is a website where consumers can leave complaints and complaints about companies, their products and services.

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“One of Maurício’s main mottos, printed on the walls of Reclame Aqui, said that ‘it doesn’t make sense to accumulate wealth, the important thing is to have a business that changes people’s lives’ and this is the great legacy he leaves for his family and to the 200 employees of Reclame Aqui who now carry these words, ”stated the company in a note.

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