Covid-19. Caminha Chamber warns of false call for vaccination – Observer

Covid-19. Caminha Chamber warns of false call for vaccination – Observer
Covid-19. Caminha Chamber warns of false call for vaccination – Observer

The Mayor of Caminha today warned of “false” SMS that call the population for anti-vaccine-19 vaccination, and calls to instruct the elderly to stop medication in order to receive the vaccine, cases that have already been reported to the GNR. Speaking to the agency Lusa, Miguel Alves said that these cases are “very strange and extremely serious”.

“This is crazy. I hope that the National Republican Guard identifies those responsible for these criminal acts, ”said the Mayor of Caminha, in the district of Viana do Castelo.

“I really wanted to leave this alert to the population so that they have the utmost care. The vaccination process is going very well and for bad taste or with bad intention there is someone who seems to want to discredit it ”, said the socialist mayor.

Miguel Alves said he was alerted by the Alto Minho Local Health Unit (ULSAM), which presented “two criminal complaints, one related to phone calls and the other, regarding messages”.


“What we want to do is catch this immediately. Alert the population. Do not be deceived ”, he warned.

Contacted by Lusa, Captain Pedro Costa, of the Territorial Command of GNR Viana do Castelo, confirmed that “a complaint was filed by the health authorities, reporting the false messages and phone calls”.

“The complaint was referred to the Public Ministry (MP). We are waiting for your investigation to be delegated to some security force. This investigation may be delegated to the GNR, or to the Judiciary Police, ”he added.

The GNR military stressed that the calls to instruct the elderly to stop the medication can “jeopardize the health and well-being of people, if they get the vaccine”.

The Mayor of Caminha explained that the fake text messages (SMS) were detected in the last week.

At least ten people received false notifications to attend the community vaccination center created by the municipality, in the parish of Seixas, causing a “natural disturbance” in the process.

Miguel Alves also referred to the “most serious case” of at least three people who received a phone call, “informing them that they should stop taking their usual medication” before being vaccinated.

“We are talking about people over 80 who were asked to get the vaccine two weeks ago. In the meantime, they received the phone call to stop taking the drugs they usually take, ”he said, referring that at least one followed the false instruction.

For the mayor, “this is very serious and very strange that it only happens in Caminha”.

“Either he is a senseless fool who is making these calls and sending these SMS or he is a malicious fool. It is madness that is putting people’s lives at risk, ”he said.

Miguel Alves explained that in Caminha, as in the district of Viana do Castelo, the first notification for the vaccine against covid-19 is made by “telephone call by administrative teams or medical teams”, and never by text message (SMS).

“If an SMS arrives, it is false”, warned the mayor, referring that the same is true with telephone calls asking for the suspension of medication.

“If you have doubts, what we ask is that you contact the family doctor, the health center in the area of ​​residence, or at the limit the Câmara de Caminha or even the community vaccination center in Seixas”, he reinforced.

In Caminha, according to data from the mayor, 1,113 people have already received the two doses of the vaccine against covid-19 and 1,853 were inoculated with the first dose.

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