Covid-19: “Now, the fight will be much more local than national”

Portugal enters next Monday in the second phase of deflation. 2nd and 3rd cycle students return to face-to-face classes, terraces and shops up to 200 square meters can open again, as well as gyms and museums.

For specialist Bernardo Gomes, who is a public health doctor, the new step will not be particularly negative in increasing the transmission and registration of new cases of covid-19.

It is a matter of layers. Obviously we’re going to increase contact, we’re going to have an increase in the Rt (transmissibility index, but I don’t think there are any reasons for concern “, he said.

Pointing in the same direction as the Prime Minister, who asked special “cautions” for 19 counties where the incidence (cases per 100 thousand inhabitants) is higher, the doctor says that this may be a time when “the fight will be much more local than national”.

For this, Bernardo Gomes calls for a mobilization of means, so that no time is wasted. One of the necessary means will be the ability to test and trace.

Regarding the recent rise of Rt, the expert says that this may not be reflected in the same way across the country: “We must be aware that a local problem is not a regional problem”.

Asked about the current numbers of covid-19 in Portugal, when Europe is going in the opposite direction, Bernardo Gomes recalls that in January the scenario was different: “We had a month to forget”.

For the coming months, Bernardo Gomes calls for “hope and caution”, insisting on the need for a local assessment.

My main request is speed, speed, speed. If something isn’t going well somewhere, don’t wait “, he appealed.

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