Uncle adopts triplets who lost their mother, aunt and grandmother to Covid-19

posted on 4/3/2021 14:55 / updated 4/4/2021 15:01

(credit: Reproduction)

Triplets Pedro, Paulo and Felipe Ferreira, 5, were adopted by their uncle, salesman Douglas Amaral, 26, after losing their mother, aunt and grandmother to covid-19 in an interval of just eight days. The children’s father also died, but in a car accident in 2020.

Douglas is the only maternal relative of the children who is alive. He lives with his wife and biological daughter, 1 year old, in Votuporanga, in the interior of São Paulo. Information is from the portal Uol.

The family resides in a two-bedroom house, and the children have been sleeping on a mattress in the adoptive parents’ room. To help them, a virtual kitty was created with a collection goal of R $ 90 thousand. So far, the amount donated has already exceeded R $ 75 thousand.

“Our house is small, but to live me, my wife and my daughter, it was great. Suddenly we had this turnaround and now we need more space, we want to build a room for them, so that they have their own space,” he said. Douglas in an interview with the portal.

He now dreams of getting a scholarship for the three children. “My family has always been very close and I have always been very close to the boys. When it all happened, I talked to my wife and we had no doubts that we would stay with them and take care of them as children,” he said.

The triplets still have an older brother, 18 years old, the result of their mother’s previous relationship. The young man is in the care of his father.


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