US university estimates 562,000 dead in Brazil by July

US university estimates 562,000 dead in Brazil by July
US university estimates 562,000 dead in Brazil by July
The Institute of Metrics and Health Assessment, at the University of Washington, projects that Brazil will reach the mark of 562,800 deaths by Covid-19 on July 1 of this year. The researchers consider that the number may be even higher: in a more critical scenario, the country would approach the 600 thousand deaths of those infected with the new coronavirus.

The institute, which is part of the university’s medical department, also estimated the number of daily deaths. According to the survey, the peak will occur on April 24, when the country will have approximately 4,000 dead in 24 hours.

For the survey, the researchers took into account data released by health authorities and covers “all scenarios, including immunization” for Brazilians.

National numbers

Currently, according to figures from the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass), Brazil has 12,910,082 confirmed cases of the disease. Of the total, 328,206 evolved to death. The mortality rate is 156 people per 100 thousand inhabitants. While the incidence rate of cases reaches 6,143 infected per 100 thousand inhabitants.

Armed forces

The rapid growth of cases and deaths led the federal government to discuss with the Ministry of Defense the possibility of using the Armed Forces at its disposal to help with immunization.

Bolsonaro praised the vaccination campaign against coronavirus in the country and said that “we are in fifth place”. “We always say, between the federal government, the president, and the vaccine, there is Anvisa in the middle of the road. We have to be responsible for vaccinating our people and so we are working ”, he added.

Last year, Bolsonaro refused the offer to buy doses more than three times. In August, Pfizer offered 70 million doses, with delivery expected to reach 20% of the total by 2020.

In October, he said he would not buy Coronavac, which today is the main immunizer in distribution in the country. “The one from China we will not buy, it is my decision. I do not believe that it provides enough security for the population. There is already a great deal of discredit on the part of the population, not least because, as many say, this virus would have been born there. ”

This Saturday (3/4), Bolsonaro pointed out that for the second consecutive day the country vaccinated one million people a day. “And that number tends to grow,” he pointed out.

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