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Good to be careful not to get lost in the updates of Provisional Measures and not to miss deadlines for renegotiating your trip (Photo: Henrique Kuwaminami / Campo Grande News / Archive)

If you are in a negotiating position to reschedule or request reimbursement for any trip canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), or have plans to travel in 2021, know that there are new rules on these issues in effect since the 18th March this year.

For example, tourism companies and hotels now have until December 31, 2022 for rebookings and refunds, and travelers on travel negotiations that have already been canceled or that will be during the pandemic, will have until the end of 2022 to use your credits. But remember that airline tickets have their own rules, defined by Law No. 14.034 / 2020, with validity extended by MP 1.024 / 2020.

By Provisional Measure No. 1,036 in the Federal Official Gazette, which changed what was established in Law No. 14,046, of August 24, 2020, the travel, lodging and other tourism services that would occur until December 31, 2021, and have already been or will be affected by the coronavirus pandemic, they will have until December 31, 2022 to make markdowns, credits or refunds.

“Modern life demands to be attentive to everything that is happening, but we are invaded daily by so much information about the pandemic that ends up getting lost between what is important and what is disinformation”, ventures Carlos Henrique Alves, who tries to reschedule a family package to spend a week in Salvador. “With the new rules, I will have more peace of mind when deciding when I want to reschedule, perhaps in February 2022 when everyone will have already been vaccinated”, he believes.

Regarding refunds there is a specific rule. Tourism companies are only required to return the amount paid by the consumer when they cannot offer the possibility of rebooking or credit for the service. If receiving the money back is the traveller’s only option in the negotiation, the companies have up to 12 months to make the return, but whoever closed a deal in travel agencies will receive the amount that they paid minus the amount related to the remuneration of the agency services and intermediation provided to consumers.

Check the full text of MP No. 1,036 published in the Federal Official Gazette on March 18 with new emergency measures to deal with the effects of the crisis caused by the pandemic in the sectors of tourism and culture.

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