Ministerial reform and new covid record stand out – Photos

Ministerial reform and new covid record stand out – Photos
Ministerial reform and new covid record stand out – Photos

President Jair Bolsonaro changed six ministers last Monday. But the resignation of the defense minister also caused the change in the commanders of the Armed Forces. Other highlights of the week were the new records of deaths caused by the covid-19 and the announcement of the beginning of the payment of the emergency aid, which will start on Tuesday (6). See these and other news that marked the week

Marcos Corrêa / PR-31/03/2021

Brazil recorded 3,769 deaths by covid this Thursday (1st), according to data sent by the states to the Ministry of Health and Conass (National Council of Health Secretaries). The number of new cases diagnosed was 91,097. The moving average of deaths in the last 7 days reached a new record when it registered 3,117, surpassing the 3 thousand mark for the first time. The highest had been registered yesterday (31), with 2,977

Miguel Schincariol / AFP – 31.03.2021

A vaccination of 68-year-olds begins this Friday (2) and, according to the state government, around 340 thousand people in this age group should be vaccinated. Initially, the vaccination had been announced for April 5, but the date was anticipated after the release of new doses of CoronaVac


“It’s been a month and a half since we ate meat, just rice, beans and eggs. I don’t even have money for bread. I got R $ 50 from the neighbor to buy milk, but it is for one week and the other is not,” he reveals. the daily cleaner Sandra do Prado, 49, resident of Heliópolis, the largest slum in São Paulo. She lost her job, has depression and does cleaning and ironing every 15 days. In the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, she lives with her 15-year-old daughter and husband. The salary he receives as a gym fitter is enough to pay the rent and some bills. There’s nothing left for food

Press Release / UNAS

The city of Sorocaba, in the interior of São Paulo, registered its first case with a strain similar to the South African strain. The case was confirmed on Wednesday (31) during a press conference at Palácio dos Bandeirantes. “There was the identification of a case of the South African variation. It is not a new variant, but it is new in Brazil. We do not have any further details on this case, it is the information I have received so far,” explained Paulo Menezes, coordinator of the Coronavirus Contingency Center


In the month in which Brazil is experiencing its worst moment in covid-19 pandemic, the city of São Paulo reached the mark of 10% of its vaccinated population against the virus with at least the first dose. Among the most populous Latin American metropolises, the municipality is, in absolute numbers, the second that most immunized its inhabitants. Ahead of the São Paulo capital is Santiago, Chile, ahead of vaccination rates in Latin America, with 2.5 million vaccinated among a municipal population of 7.1 million people

Willian Moreira / Futura Press / Estadão Content – 30.03.2021

A teenager aged 13 invaded, on Monday afternoon (29), the premises of Colégio Dom Bosco, in the Santa Catarina neighborhood, close to the center of Americana, in the interior of São Paulo, supposedly to try to kill the director from school. According to information from the Baep (Battalion of Special Police Actions) of Piracicaba, which serves the cities in the region, a person would have noticed the boy’s arrival at school and called the Military Police


After pressure from parliamentarians and businessmen, Chancellor Ernesto Araújo resigned from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For Araújo’s place, Bolsonaro chose ambassador Carlos Alberto Franco France

Joédson Alves / EFE – 03.17.2021

Araújo’s departure made room for a broad ministerial reform. The dance of the chairs changed the position of government names. Braga Neto left the Civil House to take over the Ministry of Defense in place of Fernando Azevedo. Minister Eduardo Ramos, from the Government Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, took over the Civil House. Quoted for a vacancy in the Supreme Court, André Mendonça left the Ministry of Justice and was placed in the Attorney General’s Office

Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters – 03.31.2021

The sudden departure of Fernando Azevedo e Silva from the Ministry of Defense resulted in the change of command of the heads of the Army, Navy and Air Force. In choosing the substitutes, the president respected the determinations of the Armed Forces and selected the names in order of seniority

Marcos Corrêa / PR – 31.03.2021

The government confirmed that new round of emergency aid will start to be paid on April 6 with an average value of R $ 250. Women heads of households will receive R $ 375 and people living alone, R $ 150. Consultation of beneficiaries can be done by Dataprev Consultation Portal

Marcello Casal Jr / Agência Brasil

Unemployment maintained its upward trend in the quarter ended in January and reached 14.2% of the population, a percentage equivalent to 14.3 million workers. The volume of unemployed people is the highest in history for a quarter ended in January

Matheus Sciamana / Photo Press / Folhapress – 30.09.2020

Were opened 401,639 formal jobs in Brazil in the best month of February for the formal job market since 2010, according to data from Caged (General Register of Employed and Unemployed). Hiring increased the number of jobs with a formal contract in the country by 1%

Amanda Perobelli / Reuters

The gigantic freighter Ever Given was released on the Suez Canal on Monday (29), after almost a week blocking the route. More than 400 ships were waiting for the route to be released in order to continue their journey

Suez Canal Authority/Handout via REUTERS – 29.3.2021

A Queen Elizabeth II, 94, took the second dose of the covid-19 vaccine last Wednesday (31), according to information published by the British newspaper The Sun. The queen would have received the second dose of the immunizer before participating in the Australian Royal Air Force celebration event, his first face-to-face appointment since November last year


You paramedics who attended George Floyd said he was not breathing and had no pulse when they arrived at the scene of his arrest and murder in May last year, in a testimony on Thursday (1st) at the ex-policeman Derek Chauvin’s trial for murder that takes place in Minneapolis (USA). Chauvin is accused of killing Floyd after spending more than 9 minutes kneeling on his neck

Reproduction via Reuters

Latin America completed 100 days since the vaccination against covid-19 on Thursday (1), a period marked by delays in the distribution of doses and with an increase in cases in countries such as Brazil and Chile. Vaccines are not being distributed efficiently, which is why PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) asked for this process to be conducted on a more equal basis

Antonio Lacerda / EFE – 01/04/2021

A American technology giant Apple turns 45 on Thursday (1). The company was founded by businessman Steve Jobs with the participation of his slacks Steve Wozniack and Ronald Wayne. From near bankruptcy in the late 1990s to becoming the most valuable public company in the world in the 2010s, Apple has gone through a series of ups and downs in the past four and a half decades

Wikimedia Commons

O Japanese Nobel Prize winner in Physics Isamu Akasaki, rewarded in 2014 for being the pioneer in energy-efficient LED lighting, a weapon against climate change and poverty, died at the age of 92, his university said on Friday (02). The scientist died of pneumonia on Thursday morning in a hospital in the city of Nagoya


Environmentalists collected 2.1 tonnes of garbage in the Galapagos archipelago in March. In February, another 2.5 tonnes were collected from the sea. For a week, 18 people, including rangers, volunteers, fishermen, along with members of the organization Conservation International, with the support of the Coca-Cola Foundation of Ecuador, cleaned up the more distant Genovesa, Pinta and Santiago islands

EFE/EPA/Galapagos National Park

Inep (National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira) released last Monday (29) the individual results of Enem 2020 (National High School Exam), however, many students had difficulty accessing the site. According to information provided by the Institute, government servants did not support the number of accesses

Marcelo Casal Jr./Agência Brasil

By majority, the Supreme Federal Court overturned a decree by President Jair Bolsonaro that allowed the government to appoint interim directors-general at Federal Technological Education Centers when the position is vacant. By ten votes to one, the ministers understood that the measure violates the autonomy of the institutes. Minister Carmen Lúcia, rapporteur of the lawsuit filed by Psol, stated that the iindication of interim by the Ministry of Education without clear criteria ‘replaces the democratic performance of the community’, ‘suppresses the democratic management of the educational entity’ and can ‘restrict the pluralism of ideas’

Marcelo Camargo / Archive / Agência Brasil

Caixa Econômica Federal informed last Thursday (1) that the value of R $ 162.6 million from Mega da Virada it will be entirely destined to Education. A bettor from São Paulo did not show up within 90 days to collect the prize and the money will be sent to Fies (Higher Education Student Financing Fund)

Marcello Casal Jr / Agência Brasil

Professionals who are active in schools can apply to receive the first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. The announcement of this phase of vaccination was made by the Secretary of State for Education, Rossieli Soares, last Thursday (1st). From April 12, teachers, school cooks, cleaning assistants, caregivers, principals and deputy principals, school secretaries and coordinators over the age of 47 may be vaccinated

Unip / Disclosure

Students, educators and researchers have released a document that draws attention to the “educational blackout risk” in Brazil. The letter, signed by more than 3,000 institutions and individuals, criticizes the fall in investment in education, the lack of coordination by the federal government to respond to the impacts of the pandemic and the “prioritization of an agenda that is foreign to the country’s educational urgencies” .

Christiano Antonucci / Secom-MT

O Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro, participated in a Chamber Education Committee on Wednesday (31) with the presence of parliamentarians. Ribeiro was asked about the Bill that guaranteed free internet for students and teachers from public schools, the minister stated that he was committed to public resources, that the PL was not financially viable and agreed with President Jair Bolsonaro’s veto

Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil – 16.03.2021

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