Paulo Gustavo has worse Covid-19 and breathes with artificial lungs, says adviser

Paulo Gustavo has worse Covid-19 and breathes with artificial lungs, says adviser
Paulo Gustavo has worse Covid-19 and breathes with artificial lungs, says adviser
Intubated with Covid-19, Paulo Gustavo worsened and had to undergo adjustments in the treatment against the disease, according to a bulletin released by the actor’s press office. The artist has been hospitalized for 3 weeks in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro and has been dependent on invasive mechanical ventilation since March 21. After presenting an “improvement curve”, the health condition of Romeu and Gael’s father worsened on Friday (2), and the humorist breathes with the help of an artificial lung.

Paulo Gustavo continues in ‘intensive care’ with worsening Covid-19

In a statement released to the press, the comedian’s team stated that Thales Bretas’ husband “had to undergo therapeutic readjustments to combat Covid-19”. The actor’s staff recalled that he had improved, with positive pulmonary recovery, but had to evolve to ECMO therapy (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) after his condition worsened.

Now, Paulo Gustavo breathes with the help of a device that works as an artificial lung and “continues in intensive care”, according to the medical team’s bulletin. “We opted for the start of adjunctive therapy with ECMO in order to allow better recovery of lung function”, explained the experts about the artist hospitalized 3 weeks ago. “After the aggravation occurred, the situation has remained stable for the past few hours.”

Paulo Gustavo’s family thanks and asks for good energy

Still via an official statement, the humorist’s family took the opportunity to thank the fans for their affection for Paulo Gustavo and reinforced the request for good energy and prayers “for his recovery and for all those who are in the same situation”. The actor’s father recently joined the family choir and asked for support from friends to help his son win “a very tough battle”.

Intubated, Paulo Gustavo received ‘request’ from his mother

Déa Lúcia Amaral, mother and main inspiration of Paulo Gustavo, declared to her son on social networks. At home, waiting for the comedian, she shared a video of the two singing together and wrote: “My son, come back quickly. The stage and your fans are waiting longingly. I miss you so much. I love you.”

News of death of Paulo Gustavo was denied by husband

Recently, rumors about the comedian’s death started circulating on the web and gained strength, scaring friends and admirers of Paulo Gustavo. The information was denied by the artist’s team, and Paulo’s husband manifested himself on social networks. He used his profile to make sure his loved one was still in the hospital and published a video of the artist blowing out birthday candles: “Soon, we will be like this, blowing out candles and celebrating the rebirth of our beloved Paulo Gustavo”.

(By Bruna Vilar)

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