Covid-19: Eduardo Paes negotiates the purchase of 8 million doses of Sputnik for Rio

Covid-19: Eduardo Paes negotiates the purchase of 8 million doses of Sputnik for Rio
Covid-19: Eduardo Paes negotiates the purchase of 8 million doses of Sputnik for Rio

RIO – The Mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, said this Friday, the 2nd, during a press conference at the Rio Operations Center, that he signed a protocol of intentions with governors of the Northeast for the purchase of 8 million doses of the Russian Sputnik vaccine , which still depends on authorization from Anvisa. The goal, according to him, is to advance the pace of vaccination.

– It is possible that a portion is delivered this semester, but a good portion of the doses should only arrive in the second semester. Now we are working out details of the contract and values.

‘Very high’ risk: Rio has five regions with ‘very high’ risk for Covid-19; ICU beds can be exhausted in six days

Paes said he will create an intelligent system to check medical reports of people with comorbidities, the next priority group contemplated by the National Immunization Plan (PNI) in the city, who intend to get the vaccine. The goal is to prevent fraud.

– Those who do not meet the published criteria will have to be vaccinated later. We will make the life of the doctor who issues false certificates a disgrace – warned Paes.

Shortage of inputs: Hospitals in Rio are already beginning to have a shortage of supplies for treatment, report professionals

The day before yesterday, the mayors of Rio, Niterói, Maricá and Itaguaí presented a unique vaccination schedule for their respective municipalities. The measure is an attempt to prevent displacement of residents between these cities in search of doses of the vaccine. Between April 26 and May 29, people with comorbidities and / or permanent disabilities, aged between 59 and 45, and workers, of the same age group, will be vaccinated in health, education, urban cleaning and safety.

Vials with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19 Photo: Zoltan Balogh / AFP

The mayor stressed that the professionals included in the group will be charged with proving that they are exercising the activity:

– It is no use the person having graduated 30 years ago and not exercising the profession, in the case of Health – said the mayor.

ICU beds:Requests for ICU vacancies go through the Defender’s Office and even reach the police station

Until April 24, the vaccination calendar in Rio de Janeiro continues with the immunization of the elderly, for people over 60 years. Men and women follow the immunization on alternate days, with the exception of recap dates. This Monday, the 5th, women aged 66 and health professionals aged 59 will be immunized. Men aged 66 will be vaccinated on Tuesday. Hospital workers and emergency units must take doses in the units where they work.

According to data from the State Department of Health (SES), Rio recorded 104 new deaths from coronavirus yesterday. So far, 37,114 people have been victims of the disease in the state. It is the 13th day followed by the increase in the moving average of deaths in Rio.

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