Paulo Gustavo worsens covid-19 and doctors resort to ‘artificial lung’ – Emais

Paulo Gustavo worsens covid-19 and doctors resort to ‘artificial lung’ – Emais
Paulo Gustavo worsens covid-19 and doctors resort to ‘artificial lung’ – Emais

Paulo Gustavo was hospitalized with covid-19 in Rio de Janeiro Photo: Instagram / @ paulogustavo31

After presenting a worsening in the clinical picture on Friday, 2, Paulo Gustavo underwent extracorporeal membrane oxygenation therapy (ECMO), a procedure used in severe cases of respiratory impairment that resembles an artificial lung.

The medical team stated that they opted for the initiation of adjunctive therapy with ECMO in order to allow a better recovery of lung function. “After the worsening occurred, the situation remains stable in the last hours,” he said.

The 42-year-old actor, who had to undergo therapeutic readjustments to combat covid-19, remains in the ICU of a hospital in Rio de Janeiro due to complications of new coronavirus. He checked in on March 13. On the 22nd, had to be intubated.

When asking fans to continue praying for her husband’s recovery, Thales Bretas said that despite showing signs of improvement in the last few days, due to the worsening of the clinical condition on Saturday, Paulo Gustavo had to evolve to ECMO therapy.

“Living a particular moment in my family. And always with a lot of faith, a lot of positive thinking to have the love of my life by my side again. I apologize for the absence, for the patients waiting for my return, and even for the friends I have not been able I hope you understand and continue to cheer and pray fervently for the recovery of him and everyone who suffers from this sneaky infection. Interned since March 13, actor Paulo Gustavo had to undergo therapeutic readjustments to fight covid-19 “, he informed by social media.

The actor’s family thanks the fans for their affection and asks them to continue to send good energy and prayers for their recovery and for everyone in the same situation.

On Monday, 29, Bretas published a video on Instagram of one of the actor’s birthdays. “Soon we will be like this, blowing out candles and celebrating the rebirth of our beloved”, he wrote in the caption of the image.

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