Cyclist attacks protester against Covid-19 rules with bicycle

UA demonstration against security measures against Covid-19 in Vancouver, Canada, culminated in one of the protesters being attacked with a bicycle.

Alexander Lasarev participated in the parade in a vehicle, through which ironically he congratulated everyone for complying with the rules imposed by the Government.

“Congratulations for being in compliance with the rules, believing in the news, without questioning anything”, he affirmed, adding: “The Government adores you and never lied to you”.

However, there were those who did not find Alexander’s intervention funny and tried to silence him. A cyclist is filmed telling the protester to shut up, even throwing his bicycle at the car where Alexander was following.

After an exchange of arguments between the two, the cyclist loses his head and repeatedly bangs the bicycle on the car’s window until he is able to leave. The moment was recorded on video and shared on social networks.

The cyclist was detained by the people present at the scene until police arrived, reports the NY Post.

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