Family wants exhumation of elderly for questioning positive covid test – Capital

Block from the Jardim da Paz cemetery where Querino’s body was buried. (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami)

The family of Querino Antônio da Conceição, 81, who died on the 30th, Tuesday, at Santa Casa de Campo Grande, insists on the Justice to have the test that detected the presence of the coronavirus in the elderly. He had already taken two doses of the covid-19 vaccine, two weeks before he was admitted.

According to the hospital, he died of a widespread infection, resulting from a foot injury caused by diabetes. In addition, he had symptoms of covid-19 and so the test was done, the result of which only came out after death.

The burial of Querino’s body was done yesterday afternoon, after being postponed and the reason for questioning the children in relation to the covid test. As there was no authorization for counterproof before the burial, and the protocol for positive people requires that the funeral be done soon, an amendment was made to the court order filed by the family’s lawyers. In the text, it is clarified that he is now interested in the exhumation of the corpse.

To Campo Grande News, Querino’s son Antônio Conceição, 58, informed that the question the family wants to answer is about the accusation of death. “Was he or was he not a covid?”

The patient’s history indicates that there was a recommendation to amputate the leg because of a foot injury, but the children did not accept it, claiming that this was the father’s will.

Two doses – The proof of vaccination against covid-19, on February 12 and March 13, was attached to the court order, not yet considered by Judge Ariovaldo Nantes da Silva, of the 1st Court of Diffuse, Collective and Individual Homogeneous Rights.

Santa Casa said that the cause of death was infection due to uncontrolled diabetes, which caused a foot injury.

Regarding the family’s request for counterproof, the hospital informed that it will only manifest itself when there is an official communication from the Justice.

About the vaccine, Sesau (Municipal Public Health Secretariat) informed that the deadline for the person to be considered immunized against covid, after the two doses, is at least 14 days. According to the agency, this specific episode would require further investigation for a decisive position.

Querino was buried in the Jardim da Paz cemetery, on the way to Sidrolândia.

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