After chaos in January, Amazonas falls 80% in deaths by Covid | Amazon

In the first month of 2021, with the chaos of Covid’s second wave, 3,556 people died of the disease. At the time, the state suffered from a lack of oxygen and had to transfer patients to other states.

The data appear in the epidemiological bulletin of the Health Surveillance Foundation (FVS-AM) this Thursday (1st). Currently, the Amazonas is in the orange phase, with moderate risk of transmission from Covid, and records more than 12,000 deaths from Covid.

The state was the first in the country to collapse in the second wave of the disease and reached, in January, sad records of cases, deaths and hospitalizations due to the disease. This March, the rest of Brazil recorded the worst numbers in the pandemic.

Deaths by Covid, each month, in the Amazon

Source: Health Surveillance Foundation (FVS-AM)

Epidemiologist Jesen Orellana, from Fiocruz Amazônia, warned that it is possible that the state is experiencing a reversal in the fall in the rates of infection and hospitalization due to Covid. For him, this is due to the easing of trade, which began on February 22.

“The governor is right when he says that some commercial activities cannot stop, even for reasons related to the labor market, employment, income generation. But it must be remembered that the government, the city, and society , they need to play their role, supervising “, he stressed.

“Inspecting our friends, giving advice to neighbors, the government stepping up inspections, in intercity transport, interstate transport, and increasing mass testing, an extremely important tool for the proper monitoring of the pandemic”.

Orellana also reinforces that the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths due to Covid are late indicators in the circulation of the virus. For example, if an individual is hospitalized today with Covid, it means that he or she was infected about 10 or 15 days ago.

For him, the best indicator for monitoring the pandemic is new infections. “To have the indicator of new cases, I have to have a greater number of RT-PCR tests used. Because, in this way, we are able to monitor new cases, isolating these individuals, guiding these people to test their contacts,” he said.

According to data from the FVS, in January of this year, Amazonas carried out a average of 1,500 RT-PCR tests per day. On February 26, 1.162 testes RT-PCR. In the last days of March, there were about 100 to 400 daily tests.

“We could be better monitoring the epidemic, and transforming this moment now in the Amazon, in a moment that would be an example for humanity. But we continue to fail in this aspect of monitoring the pandemic, and, unfortunately, we may be surprised in two or three years from now. months, as we were twice surprised by Covid “, he concludes.

AM specialist gives an overview of the pandemic in the Amazon

Non-essential trade in Amazonas was banned from opening on January 2, due to the second wave, and was closed for the entire month. The easing started on February 22.

Governor Wilson Lima announced, this Wednesday (31), the expansion of the opening hours of restaurants and the release for the resumption of high school classes and free courses. At this stage, the restriction of movement of people is from 0h to 6h. (see all the details of the new decree)

The measures are valid from April 5, next Monday, for 15 days. “We are making some hours more flexible, expanding some hours, and this causes me some concern, but I understand the need for some segments to expand their activities,” he said.

The governor also warned of the possibility of a third wave from Covid. “There are people who think this is ‘oops, the vaccination has arrived, so we can go to the party, we can get together, we can hug’, my friends are not like that. Those who get vaccinated are at risk of still catching Covid, it doesn’t that is totally free from Covid, no. And there is still a concern, with the possibility of a third wave, this is real because it is happening in Europe, in Germany in particular “, he said.

Government does not rule out Covid’s 3rd wave in Amazonas

Until this Wednesday (31), the Amazon had already vaccinated against Covid a total of 429,626 people, that is, about 10.2% of the population. Of these, more than 130,000 took the second dose of the immunizer.

The vaccination campaign against Covid has already reached indigenous villagers, health workers, the elderly aged 60 and over, the elderly and the disabled in long-term care facilities, public safety professionals and adults with comorbidities.

In Manaus, currently, vaccination affects people between 55 and 59 years old with pre-existing diseases. From Saturday (3), people aged 50 to 54 will be included in the immunization, also with comorbidities.

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