Committee will monitor Covid-19 scenario during Easter to decide new decree

Committee will monitor Covid-19 scenario during Easter to decide new decree
Committee will monitor Covid-19 scenario during Easter to decide new decree

April 1, 2021 – 21:01
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After a virtual meeting with the committee formed by Health professionals, presidents of the Court of Justice and Legislative Assembly, and the State, Federal and Labor Prosecutors’ Office, and the city of Fortaleza, Governor Camilo Santana used social networks to update the actions against the pandemic, and inform that the current state decree of strict social isolation, in force throughout Ceará, will be revised next Sunday night (4).

“We had a very deep, rich debate, with the data from this pandemic, and the numbers follow a trend of stabilization, but it is still a very delicate moment, as there is still enormous pressure on the health system, and requests for hospitalization. We will have a new meeting this Easter Sunday, and with the update of the data at the end of the day, we will analyze what has changed from Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so that the Committee – which has been working for more than a year deliberating while respecting science – can make a decision safely, without going backwards ”, pointed out Camilo.

Vaccinometer and 12th batch of vaccines

“We have always updated the numbers on our Vaccinometer website, with the number of vaccines applied every day, by municipality, first or second dose vaccines, with information that is always open and transparent to the population. In fact, Ceará is rated 10, and 1st place in transparency according to the Comptroller General of the Union, which evaluates the Brazilian states ”, pointed out the governor. According to the Vaccinometer, from the Secretariat of Health of Ceará (Sesa), last Wednesday (31), Ceará surpassed the mark of one million people vaccinated, and with updated data until 12:00 this Thursday (1), 1,077,641 doses have already been applied, of which 851,824 for the first dose and 225,817 for the second dose.

“We received in the late afternoon of this Thursday (1) another 371,750 doses of immunizers against Covid-19, to continue the vaccination in Ceará. And the logistics teams of the State Government will distribute to the Capital and to the 22 Decentralized Health Areas, which will pass the vaccines to all municipalities to speed up the immunization process with six air distribution routes and two on land, ensuring the conservation and agility in sending immunizers to the 184 municipalities within 24 hours of their arrival in Fortaleza ”, explained Camilo.

Fake News

“I have to express my indignation at so many fake news, saying that Ceará has not vaccinated, including through people who were against vaccines and are now taking advantage of this situation. So I want to clarify here that all the information is on the Sesa website, on the official websites of the Government of Ceará, and we are one of the states that most applies the vaccines received in Brazil ”, said the governor.

In the broadcast, Camilo Santana thanked the Butantan Institute, visited by the governor. “If it weren’t for Butantan’s Coronavac vaccines, which many didn’t believe, we wouldn’t have a vaccine today in Brazil, we wouldn’t be vaccinating people. It is Butantan that has guaranteed the doses of vaccines to the Brazilian people and the brothers and sisters of Ceará for the past three months. We will always remain firm, and in a transparent, honest and serious manner we continue to do our job. I will not rest until the entire population of Ceará has been vaccinated, and if we do not vaccinate even more, it is because we do not have vaccines for everyone, neither in Ceará nor in Brazil. To say that he is not getting vaccinated in Ceará is a disrespect to health professionals from all over the state and to Ceará people ”, he said.

Almost 5,000 beds

The Government of Ceará continues to deliver new exclusive beds every day to serve patients with Covid-19. Camilo listed that the state health system and its associated health units have a total of 4,798 exclusive beds, 3,543 of which are infirmary and another 1,255 ICU beds. In the broadcast, Camilo said that currently Ceará has already exceeded by almost 2 thousand the number of exclusive beds to care for patients with Covid than it had at the peak of the pandemic in 2020.

The governor recalled the importance of these new structures in hospitals and health units, which today serve the cases of Covid, but which at the end of the pandemic will be a legacy that will remain for the municipalities. “Next week we should reach 5,000 exclusive beds in Covid, and remembering that, before the pandemic, Ceará had only three health areas with ICU beds, and today 16 areas across the state have ICU beds, in a structure that will be permanent in health units to serve the population ”, he explained.

State of Ceará

Another measure to stimulate the economy of Ceará will be implemented by the Government of Ceará. Governor Camilo Santana mentioned in the broadcast on Thursday (1) that the State will release R $ 100 million for the Oriented Productive Microcredit Program (CearáCredi). The measure will allow loans of R $ 500 to R $ 5,000 for the most vulnerable population.

Priority will be given to people in situations of vulnerability and beneficiaries of social policies, such as women who are victims of violence, women heads of families, women from the Mais Infância Ceará Program, young people from the Virando o Jogo Program, people with disabilities, former prisoners, young people graduates of the vocational school and other entrepreneurs whose activities were affected by the pandemic.

Stay at home

Camilo ended up making an appeal to the people of Ceará, to respect social isolation and stay at home. He also recalled that all the decisions of the Government of Ceará will be disseminated only through the official channels of the State, and on the governor’s social networks. “We are not going to believe false news, all official figures are available on IntegraSUS. I ask you to take advantage of this Holy Week, from today until Sunday, to have a moment of reflection, to say a prayer, and to ask God that we can overcome this challenging moment. Take care of who you love, it is not opportune to visit anyone, stay at home, do not circulate and we will respect social isolation ”, concluded the governor, who wished a happy Easter to all brothers and sisters from Ceará.

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