Orlando Morais wins covid-19 and leaves hospital in Brasilia

Orlando Morais wins covid-19 and leaves hospital in Brasilia
Orlando Morais wins covid-19 and leaves hospital in Brasilia

posted on 01/04/2021 14:53 / updated on 01/04/2021 14:53

(credit: Reproduction / Instagram)

The singer Orlando Morais left the hospital DF Star this Thursday (1/4), after winning the covid-19. Still debilitated, he left in a wheelchair and was thrilled to thank the medical team and the family for the care and affection.

Very touched, the musician thanked everyone for their support “I want to thank my family, my mother, especially. Thank my children, Cleo, Antonia, Ana, Bento, my brothers. And thank you, Glória, who breathed and blew in my lungs at the most difficult moment. It made me come back. I love you very much. I dedicate you to my life “, declared Orlando.

Then sang the song The individual’s route that he did together with Djavan. Before singing, Orlando stopped to catch his breath with the help of an air pump.

Interned for more than a week

The singer had been hospitalized with covid-19 in a hospital in Brasilia since March 23. The announcement was made through their social networks. Since the day of his hospitalization, fans have left words of support for the singer and his family.

In the caption of the post in which he announced his hospitalization, Orlando clarifies that he was in a hospital in Brasília as an option for “to better treat me”.

Glória Pires was touched by her husband’s words and took the opportunity to thank the professionals who were with him “You are an inspiration to everyone. Thank God, thank you. Guys, I have no words to thank you for all the affection, affection. , the smile, the eye to the eye, the support of each one of you who had contact with us, who entered the room every day at dawn, changing clothes nine times, a great deal of suffering. Is it over there.

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