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He was 75 years old and retired in February, when he reached the age limit to occupy the Court; he was hospitalized since January

Judge Djalma Martins da Costa, 75, died on Thursday (1st), in São Paulo, victim of Covid-19. He had been hospitalized since January.

The judge entered the year 2021 as the dean of the Court of Justice of Amazonas, and retired in February for reaching the age limit to occupy the Court. Previously, in 2018, he held the position of corregidor at the Court.

On the occasion of the birthday of Djalma, who was already hospitalized due to the disease, the judge, Jomar Fernandes, praised the trajectory of his friend, who occupied the vacancy in the Full Court of the TJ-AM dedicated to the Public Ministry of Amazonas. “Anyone who will forget the verve of our dean when speaking will never allow himself not to make any humanistic quotations, even though the cases he was judging were eminently technical. I had the opportunity to meet him as a prosecuting member of the MP when we met on the banks of the Madeira River, in Humaitá, where I had taken office as a judge in my first investiture and he was there to make corrections and presented himself with unparalleled simplicity, it seemed. a jurisdiction, and then we form a fraternal friendship that I bring to this day ”, highlighted Jomar at the time.


Born in Boca do Acre (AM), Djalma Martins da Costa served as a prosecutor and prosecutor at MPAM. He joined the magistracy on June 29, 1989, assuming a vacancy for the Public Prosecutor’s Office by the so-called rule of the fifth constitutional, provided for in Article 94 of the 1988 Constitution of the Republic.

He was the dean of TJAM, the body that chaired from 2000 to 2002; currently comprised the 2nd Criminal Chamber, in addition to the Reunified Chambers and the Full Court. When he turns 75, he reaches the age limit for working in the public service, the so-called compulsory retirement.


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