Coronavirus: Government starts vaccination of security forces on Sunday

Paraná starts next Sunday (4) the vaccination of security and rescue forces and Armed Forces against Covid-19. An exclusive batch of 2,277 vaccines for these professionals arrived in the state on Thursday (1) together with the shipment of more than 500 thousand doses to serve the other priority groups.

The distribution will follow the criteria established by the Ministry of Health, which will send new batches weekly. Among the first immunized will be those involved in the care and / or transport of patients, rescues and pre-hospital care, directly in the actions of vaccination or monitoring of social distance measures.

“It is the beginning of a continuous and progressive process and the expectation is that by the end of May, all security professionals will have received the first dose”, informed the Chief of Staff, Guto Silva, after a technical meeting between the secretariats of Health and Public Safety.

Professionals active in the Civil, Military and Scientific Police, Fire Brigade, Municipal Guards, Federal and Federal Highway Police and Armed Forces working in the State will be vaccinated, according to Health criteria.

Of the state security agents, part has already received the first dose for acting on the front lines of the fight against the coronavirus. 600 professionals from the Fire Brigade working in ambulances and at Siate were immunized. The first dose also received health professionals who work within public security at the Complexo Médico Penal (Criminal Medical Complex), in the mental health program and at IML.

ORGANIZATION – The Secretary of State for Public Security, Romulo Marinho Soares, will centralize the quantitative information of all security forces, which will be forwarded to the Department of Health to set up the vaccination schedule for this group. The immunization of security professionals will be carried out by the health teams of the municipalities.

“We created a guideline that included, in that first moment, the members who fit into the groups provided by Health. From now on, internal meetings will define who will be these professionals who will receive the first doses,” said Marinho. “We are always at the forefront. These vaccines arrive at the right time to immunize our professionals”.

ATTENDANCE – The General Commander of the Military Police, Colonel Hudson Leôncio Teixeira, participated in the meeting; the general delegate of the Civil Police, Silvio Rockembach; the director-general of the Health Secretariat, Nestor Werner Júnior; the coordinator of Epidemiological Surveillance of the Secretariat of Health, Acácia Nasr; the director of Health Care and Surveillance, Maria Goretti; the commander of the Fire Department, Colonel Gerson Gross; the Civil Defense coordinator, Colonel Fernando Schunig; the director-general of the Scientific Police, Luiz Rodrigo Grochoki; the deputy director of Depen, Luiz Francisco da Silveira; the head of the Health Division of the 5th Military Region, Colonel Glauco Teixeira; the superintendent of the Federal Police in Paraná, Omar Haj Mussi; in addition to representatives of the PRF and the Curitiba Municipal Guard.

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