Butantan to begin plasma test of patients against Covid in Araraquara and Santos – 01/04/2021 – Equilibrium and Health

The cities of Santos and Araraquara will start a project, with support from the Butantan Institute, to test the use of plasma from patients who have had Covid-19 in the treatment of people with the disease. Immunosuppressed people with comorbidities and / or those over 60 years of age who were diagnosed with Covid will participate in the study.

The announcement was made earlier this week by Dimas Covas, president of the Butantan Institute and the mayors of the cities.

The project will use the blood centers H.Hemo Hemoterapia Brasil, Pró-Sangue and the blood centers of Unicamp and USP of Ribeirão Preto to collect, store and distribute the therapy.

The idea of ​​plasma treatment is to transfer antibodies (contained in the plasma, a liquid component of the blood) from a person who has had Covid to a second who has the disease. Introducing ready-made antibodies into the body could help fight infection.

If the project with the two cities is successful, the idea is to expand the use of the treatment to other municipalities.

Plasma donation can be done in some of the units in the blood centers mentioned above. Plasma can be donated only by men who have had Covid-19 confirmed at least 30 days prior to collection who are in good health, between 16 and 69 years old and who weigh at least 50 kg. It is also necessary to avoid fatty foods before donation. At the time of collection, it is necessary to show the original document with photo.

Women cannot donate because in pregnancy there is the release of antibodies that can cause lung damage to the plasma recipient.

According to Butantan, the municipalities themselves sought the institute in search of the use of therapy due to the ongoing Covid-19 explosion.

Another action taken by Araraquara was a lockdown – similar to the restrictive circulation actions adopted in European countries -, with the interruption of all services, even supermarkets (which could only serve by delivery) and the ban on the circulation of people on the streets without justification. After the lockdown, the city saw an improvement in its critical situation.

In addition to the plasma of recovered patients, Butantan also conducts research with horse serum to treat the disease. In the institute’s research, the inactivated virus was applied to horses to stimulate antibody production in the animal. Horses produce more antibodies than humans. From then on, the serum is made with the plasma removed from the animals.

The Instituto Vital Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, also produces similar research.

Here’s where to donate plasma:

Blood Center Campinas

Phone: 0800-722-8432
Website for scheduling: https://agENDA.hemocentro.unicamp.br/

Unicamp Station
Rua Carlos Chagas, 480, Cidade Universitária, “Zeferino Vaz”, Barão Geraldo – Campinas – SP

Posto Mário Gatti – Municipal Hospital Dr. Mário Gatti
Av. Mayor Faria Lima, 340 Pq. Italy – Campinas – SP

Posto Sumaré – Sumaré State Hospital
Av. Da Amizade, 2400 Jardim Bela Vista – Sumaré – SP

Piracicaba Station
Rua Silva Jardim, 1700 (Former ‘Smart Health’ building, within the Santa Casa complex) – Piracicaba – SP


Phone: (11) 4573-7800

Post Office
Av. Enéas Carvalho de Aguiar, 155, 1st floor – Cerqueira César – São Paulo / SP

Dante Pazzanese Station
Av. Doutor Dante Pazzanese, 500 – Ibirapuera – São Paulo / SP

Mandaqui Station
Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 4.227 – Mandaqui – São Paulo / SP

Osasco Regional Post
Rua Ari Barroso, 355 – Presidente Altino – Osasco / SP

Barueri Station
Angela Mirella Street, 354, ground floor – Jardim Barueri – Barueri / SP

Stella Maris place
Rua Maria Cândida Pereira, 568 – Itapegica – Guarulhos / SP

Blood Center of Ribeirão Preto

Headquarters Blood Center – USP Campus
Rua Tenente Catão Roxo, nº 2501 – Bairro Monte Alegre (Entrance through Rua Prof. Hélio Lourenço)
Phones: (16) 2101-9352 or 0800-979-6049

Collection Station – City Center
Rua Quintino Bocaíuva, 470 – Downtown
Phone: (16) 3610-8929 or 3610-5822

Hemotherapy Center of Araçatuba
Av. Arthur Ferreira da Costa, 330 – Aviation
Phone: (18) 2102-9400

Fernandópolis Hemotherapy Center
Rua Simão dos Santos Gomes, 266 – Jardim Santista
Phone: (17) 3442-5544

Franca Hemotherapy Center
Av. Dr. Hélio Palermo, 4181 – Vila Santa Eugênia (entrance via Emílio Bertoni Street)
Phone: (16) 3402 5000

Hemotherapy Center of Presidente Prudente
Rua Wenceslau Braz, 05 – Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Presidente Prudente (entrance via Av. Cel. Marcondes under the 2nd ramp of the Emergency Room of Santa Casa)
Phone: (18) 3223-3511 or (18) 3223-4490

Taubaté Hemotherapy Center
Av. Inglaterra, 190 – Jardim das Nações
Phone: (12) 3624 1273

Potato Hemotherapy Unit
Rua Dr. Manoel Furtado, 235 – Centro
Phone: (16) 3761-4004

Drinking Fountain Hemotherapy Unit
Av. Raul Furquim, 2010 – Jardim Júlia (Annex to Bebedouro Municipal Hospital)
Phone: (17) 3342-8817

Olympia Hemotherapy Unit
Street Syria, 190
Phone: (17) 3281-9080


Phone: (11) 3861-3230

Paulista Blood Bank
Dr. Alceu de Campos Rodrigues Street, 46, 14th floor – Vila Nova Conceição – SP

Paulista Blood Bank
Iguatinga Street, 366 – Santo Amaro – SP

CTA São Paulo
Rua Tavares Bastos, 425 – Pompéia – SP

Rua Garibaldi, 1280 – Centro – Ribeirão Preto

Rua Antonio Saes, 425 – Centro – São José Dos Campos

Av. João Osório, 701 – Center – São João da Boa Vista

Source: Instituto Butantan

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