Bolivia and Chile close borders with Brazil to contain Covid-19 advance

Bolivia and Chile close borders with Brazil to contain Covid-19 advance
Bolivia and Chile close borders with Brazil to contain Covid-19 advance

Decisions are related to the record of deaths from the new coronavirus in Brazilian territory and the spread of the Amazon variant; Paraguay is the only one that remains open

EFE / Stringer / FileBolivia was already committed to accelerating its vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in municipalities bordering Brazil

A Bolivia it’s the Chile announced on Thursday, the decision to close their borders with the Brazil. In the Bolivian case, the measure will go into effect on Friday, 2, and will be valid for the next seven days, a period in which border municipalities will only be able to open up to three hours a day for commercial activities between countries. It is still unclear whether the measures will also be applied to air travel, since at the moment Brazilians can enter Bolivia upon presentation of a negative result for the Covid-19. Last Tuesday, 30, the Bolivian president Luis Arce he had already said that his country would accelerate the vaccination campaign on the border with Brazil. The aim would be to contain the Amazonian variant do new coronavirus. Now, he added in his profile on Twitter that the border communities where “the circulation of variants” originating from Brazil was verified will also be quarantined.

Chile, on the other hand, explained that the restrictions will apply as of Monday, 5th, and during the remainder of April for all land and air borders with Brazil. Truckers transporting essential products will be able to move between nations as long as they do an RT-PCR test 72 hours before. In a note, the government stated that the decision is an “additional effort” based on the increase in cases of Covid-19 in the Chilean territory itself: on Thursday, 1, the country registered 7,830 new infections by the new coronavirus, the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic. Meanwhile, Chile’s vaccination campaign is advancing rapidly and has reached seven million people with at least one dose.

A Argentina it’s the Uruguay they are banning the entry of foreigners as a whole and keeping all their land borders closed. Thus, the border between Brazil and Paraguay it is the only one that remains open upon presentation of a negative result for an RT-PCR exam done 72 hours before. The Paraguayan Society of Infectious Diseases, however, made an appeal this week for free transit to be stopped, given the seriousness of the pandemic in Brazil.

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