Slow traffic in SP decreases compared to last week

The anticipation of holidays in the capital of São Paulo reduced traffic in the city of São Paulo, according to data from CET (Companhia de Engenharia de Trafic). The social isolation index calculated by the São Paulo government, however, did not register any significant changes.

This Wednesday (31), the average slow was 11 km – last week (24), 21 km of slow were recorded. In the previous quarter (17), it was 15 km.

About 1.26 million people traveled on the buses this Wednesday, while last Wednesday that number was 1.44 million. In the previous week there were 1.51 million passengers. 11,308 buses were used every day.

The average social isolation was 43% this Wednesday, a percentage point more than last Wednesday, when the government system registered 42%. In the previous quarter, the level was also 43%. Across the state, the average was 43% this Wednesday, the same as the last two Wednesdays.

Since 8:00 pm on March 15, the state of São Paulo has been in the emergency phase, the hardest stage since the beginning of the pandemic. It imposes more restrictive measures, such as the curfew from 8 pm to 5 am the next day, limits the functioning of essential services, prohibits religious ceremonies and determines teleworking (home office) for non-essential administrative activities such as public agencies and offices.

The phase was scheduled to end on March 30th, but was extended until April 11th because the São Paulo government did not reach the established objectives. The decision came after the guidance of the technicians of the contingency center against the coronavirus, for understanding that the state collapsed.

The ICU beds (intensive care unit) dedicated to patients with Covid-19 have an occupancy of 92.2% in the state and 92.7% in the metropolitan region of the capital. Last Wednesday, the capacity was 91.6% in both the state and Greater São Paulo.

The occupancy of nursing beds is 80.1% in the state and 83.9% in the metropolitan region. Last week, the figures were 82.7% in the state and 87.3% in Greater São Paulo.

There were 1,160 new deaths due to Covid-19 this Wednesday. So far, there have been 75,734 deaths and about 2.4 million cases of the disease in São Paulo. Lethality in the state is 3%, while in the country, 2.5%.

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