Covid-19: prostitutes in MG suspend service and ask for vaccination priority


The president of the Association of Prostitutes of Minas Gerais (Aprosmig) said on Thursday (1) that sex workers have decided to suspend care and ask the government for priority in vaccination against Covid-19.Strictly speaking, prostitutes would be prevented from working because of the measures of the purple wave against the coronavirus pandemic, but not what was seen this afternoon in the region of Rua Guaicurus, in BH. The report from the State of Minas found several establishments operating normally.

According to the president of (Aprosmig), Cida Vieira, besides being a target of prejudice, these women ended up being the most affected during the pandemic.

% u201CMmany of us had our house taken away. We are facing this pandemic. We are vulnerable. We need to be seen as a priority because we are prevented from working% u201D, she says. % u201CM Many don’t have anything else to eat. We are more than 3,000, that’s only at Guaicurus. We lost people% u201D, informs.

According to Cida, even taking all precautions against Covid-19, using alcohol gel and mask, there is no condition for the job to return. This is because the profession has a touch with the client. In addition, the president assured that there is no forecast of return.

% u201CO the prostitute movement understands that we are a priority because we are on the street every day. We suffer a lot of prejudice. The society that judges us to be the same society that we provide% u201D service, he said.

The city of Belo Horizonte has been working to tackle the food insecurity of various publics at risk. According to Cida, prostitutes were included in this project.

In partnership with Cl das Lobas, Aprosmig opened a support house for women who need help. The association asks for donations of basic baskets.


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