Brazil hits 3,000 dead per day by Covid in the moving average | National Newspaper

Brazil hits 3,000 dead per day by Covid in the moving average | National Newspaper
Brazil hits 3,000 dead per day by Covid in the moving average | National Newspaper

According to the data on the pandemic and vaccination updated by the media consortium, it is the seventh day in a row that the average number of deaths has hit a record. One year after the beginning of the pandemic, Brazil has, for the first time, an average of more than 3 thousand deaths per day. There are an average of 3,119 Covid deaths per day – a 43% increase in two weeks.

The country stayed with this average after registering 3,673 deaths this Wednesday (31) for this Thursday (1st). There are already 325,559 victims of the disease.

In the last 24 hours, 89,459 new cases were confirmed. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 12,842,717. The average number of cases is 73,993 new cases per day, 2% more than 14 days ago, which is still very high.

The panorama across the country: 16 states and the Federal District appear with a high average of deaths. The biggest increases were in Rio de Janeiro and DF. It is the second day in a row that Rio de Janeiro has an increase of more than 100% in the moving average of deaths.

We have seven states with stability. And with a drop in the average of deaths, three states. Amazonas and Roraima had the biggest reductions.

According to the G1 survey, with information from the press media consortium, in 18 of the 27 federation units more people died in March than in any other month of the pandemic.

In the face of so many bad numbers, at least one very positive fact about vaccination: Brazil beat, this Thursday (1st), the record of people vaccinated in 24 hours with the first dose. There were 963,429. Together with the second dose, we passed the milestone of 1 million doses applied in a single day for the first time; very important milestone.

The total number of people vaccinated with the first dose reached 18,584,301 – corresponding to 8.78% of the population. So far, 5,223,544 people have received the second dose – or 2.47% of the population.

This Thursday (1st), 23 states and the DF updated vaccination data. So far, the five who have most applied the first dose in relation to the population have been Bahia, which assumed the first position, with 11% of the population vaccinated; Mato Grosso do Sul, which also reached this mark; subsequently, Rio Grande do Sul, Amazonas and, tied for fifth place, Paraíba and São Paulo – all with more than 10% of the vaccinated population.

At you will find more information about vaccination and other data on the pandemic in your state.

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