For the first time, Brazil exceeds 1 million doses of the covid vaccine applied in 24 hours – Health

The number of people vaccinated against coronavirus in Brazil, with at least one dose of the immunizer, it reached 18,548,301 this Thursday, April 1st, which is equivalent to 8.78% of the population. Adding the applications of the first and second doses, 1,095,362 received the vaccine in the country since 8:00 pm yesterday. This is the first time that the number has surpassed the million mark since the beginning of the pandemic, according to data gathered by the consortium of press vehicles at the secretariats of 26 states and the Federal District.

In the last 24 hours, 963,429 Brazilians received the first dose of the vaccine against covid and another 131,933 received the second application of the immunizer. Of the total of more than 18 million vaccinated Brazilians, 5,223,544 have already received the two doses of the immunizing agent against the coronavirus, equivalent to 2.47% of the population.

In proportional terms, the Bahia it is the state that has most vaccinated its population so far: 11.15% of the inhabitants received at least the first dose. The lowest percentage is found in the Mato Grosso, where 5.20% received at least the first vaccine application. In absolute numbers, the largest number of vaccinees with the first dose is in Sao Paulo (4.67 million), followed by Bahia (1.66 million) and Minas Gerais (1.61 million).

In his weekly online broadcast, the president Jair Bolsonaro (Without a party) promised on Thursday to increase the rate of vaccination in the country. “We intend to apply one million doses per day in Brazil over the next few days,” said the chief of Planalto, in a live broadcast on social networks.


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