Judge Djalma Martins dies victim of Covid, at the age of 75, in Manaus | Amazon

Judge Djalma Martins dies victim of Covid, at the age of 75, in Manaus | Amazon
Judge Djalma Martins dies victim of Covid, at the age of 75, in Manaus | Amazon

Retired judge Djalma Martins da Costa passed away, aged 75, a victim of Covid. According to the Amazonas Court of Justice (TJAM), he had retired from the State Magistracy on February 23, but had been hospitalized with Covid for almost 50 days.

According to TJAM, Martins’ death happened around 4:50 pm on this Thursday (1st). So far, there is no confirmed information about the funeral, but the burial will take place on Friday morning (2), according to the family.

As of this Thursday, more than 12,000 people have died victims of Covid-19 in Amazonas.

Before retirement, the magistrate, born in Boca do Acre, in the interior of Amazonas, was the dean of the Amazonian Court of Justice. He was the first director of the Escola Superior da Magistratura do Amazonas (Esmam), had a postgraduate degree in Public Law and author of the book “Inexigibilidade de Conduta Diversa”.

Before joining the State Magistracy, through the Fifth Constitutional, on June 29, 1989, he belonged to the staff of the Public Ministry of Amazonas.

Djalma Martins has performed several functions throughout his career in the Judiciary, according to TJAM. In the Electoral Court, he was appointed to the Vice-Presidency, Corregedor-General and also served as President of that Court from 1995 to 1996.

In State Justice, Martins was president of TJAM between the years 2000 and 2002; chaired the 1st Civil Chamber, in addition to the 1st and 2nd Criminal Chambers. The magistrate even acted as acting governor of Amazonas.

On the day he turned 75, the maximum age for acting in the Brazilian judiciary, on February 23, Djalma Martins was already hospitalized in a hospital unit in Manaus and was unable to participate in his last session of the Full Court before retiring.

It fell to Judge Jomar Fernandes, at the invitation of the President of the Court, Judge Domingos Chalub, to report on his friendship with Djalma. “Unfortunately, that date goes by with the dear dean bedridden and intubated because of the evil plague that surrounds us”, these Jomar.

Jomar added that day that it was difficult for someone who had lived with Judge Djalma for more than 34 years to pay any tribute in the situation in which he found himself. Before retiring, he was part of the 2nd Criminal Chamber, in addition to the Reunified Chambers and the Full Court.

“I even had the opportunity to meet him as a corregifying member of the MP when we met on the banks of the Madeira River, in Humaitá, where he had taken office as a judge in my first investiture and he was there to correct and presented himself as simplicity unique, it seemed like a jurisdiction, and then we formed a fraternal friendship that I still bring today “, he commented.

Official three-day mourning

After the death of the retired judge, the Government of Amazonas decreed an official three-day mourning in honor of Djalma Martins, throughout the state.

According to the government, the decree considers the magistrate’s relevance to the people of Amazonas for more than 30 years of services rendered to Justice.

“The Government of Amazonas, on behalf of Governor Wilson Lima, offers condolences to the magistrate’s family and friends for the irreparable loss,” the government said in a note.

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