Vaccination calendar of COVID-19 may include INSS employees

Institutions request the prioritization of INSS policyholders in the vaccination schedule against covid-19. That week, National Association of Public Servants, Social Security and Social Security (Anasps) sent a letter requesting the government to assess the possibility of changing the immunization campaign. The text requires that social security employees be medicated as a matter of urgency.

Vaccination calendar for COVID-19 may include INSS employees (Image: Google)
Vaccination calendar for COVID-19 may include INSS employees (Image: Google)

A vaccination campaign of covid-19 is in circulation throughout the country. However, there are a number of criticisms and questions about the way in which priority groups are being determined.

The most recent challenge was drawn up by the Anasps, stating that INSS servers should be treated as a risk group.

According to the association, these are professionals who are working, in a way, on the front line of the pandemic. The statement is made due to the fact that retirees and pensioners are considered the most vulnerable to the contamination and contagion of the covid-19. That is, whoever is in contact with them also ends up exposing themselves to risk.

Request details

In a document sent to the INSS president, Leonardo Rolim and to the Special Secretary for Social Security and Labor, Bruno White, Anasps requested that the agency support emergency measures to speed up vaccination for its servers.

The association stressed that:

“In addition to direct contact with the external public of the elderly, the sick and the vulnerable, the vast majority of the employees who work at the INSS use crowded public transportation with agglomeration in commuting to work.”

The text also recalled the reality of those who live in the same space where there are people at risk, elderly or children. This means that, in addition to personal risk, there is family and society risk in general, where the server becomes a major vector of virus transmission.

In response to the request, Bruno Bianco informed that in the last on March 23, 2021, a letter was addressed to executive secretary of the Ministry of Health, asking that INSS team to be treated as a priority. However, so far the document has had no response.


Eduarda AndradeEduarda Andrade

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