Thirteen in every 100 Presidential employees contracted Covid, says survey | Politics

Thirteen in every 100 Presidential employees contracted Covid, says survey | Politics
Thirteen in every 100 Presidential employees contracted Covid, says survey | Politics

The newspaper “O Globo” obtained the data through the Access to Information Law. According to the report, the Planalto Palace has registered 460 cases of Covid since the beginning of the pandemic. Most, at the Institutional Security Office (GSI): 191.

Note to me (read the full text at the end of this article), the Presidency stated that it advises public servants to seek medical assistance if they experience symptoms; cleans common areas and equipment; and “continuously seeks to keep the work environment as safe as possible”.

In President Jair Bolsonaro’s office there were 28, including himself caught Covid in July last year.

Last month alone, 30 civil servants contracted the disease, twice as much as in February: 16. Of the total 30 cases in March, 20 were in the General Secretariat of the Presidency.

13% of presidential servants have had Covid

The Presidency has 3,500 civil servants, including the palaces of Planalto, Alvorada and Granja do Torto. Having 460 cases in this universe represents a contamination rate of 13%, twice the Brazilian average of 6%, according to the report.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, presidential agendas have been marked by large events with agglomerations and many people, including President Bolsonaro, without a mask, as is clear at the inauguration ceremony of ministers on February 24.

Until the beginning of March, according to a survey G1, there were 36 official events in Brasília and other cities with the participation of President Bolsonaro, always without a mask.

More recently, the president has appeared more often wearing the mask, and the last inauguration ceremonies in the Plateau have been much smaller. That of the new Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, for example, on March 23, was closed in the cabinet.

At this peak time of the pandemic, with daily records of deaths, experts reinforce the importance of vaccinating the population, meanwhile, wearing a mask, social distance are fundamental to avoid contamination.

“At this moment, it is essential that the Executive is placed side by side with technicians from all over the world, it is not a national issue, it is an issue that commits humans. So, it is time to put yourself next to humans and start to to make the narrative, the discourse on the importance of the mask, which has no doubt, that it actually protects “, said Jamal Suleimani.

Read the full note from the Presidency:

The Health Coordination of the Presidency of the Republic maintains the orientation for the civil servants to seek her for medical assistance when they present any symptoms related to Covid-19, in order to assess the need for testing. In cases considered suspicious, the servants are instructed to stay at home until the result of the examination.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, in March of the current year, the Presidency of the Republic has also adopted technological innovations in cleaning protocols and started to disinfect common areas with high-tech machines, detailed cleaning of server equipment (computers, keyboards, telephones, etc.) and expanding the supply of alcohol gel dispensers in its facilities, annexes and surroundings.

Since March, the Presidency of the Republic has also been promoting guidelines on personal care for employees and employees, whether through panels, e-mails or informative texts on the intranet. In these guidelines, care with hand hygiene, correct use of masks, social distance and even the necessary care when arriving home after work has been highlighted.

With about a third of the servers working remotely (teleworking) or on a relay scale, the Presidency of the Republic continually seeks to keep the work environment as safe as possible and will not hesitate to adopt complementary procedures, if necessary.

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