Allowed to move between municipalities on the two weekends after Easter

The Government announced this Thursday that the ban on movement between municipalities will be lifted next week. It should be remembered that, since it is Easter, the measure has been in force since March 26, extending uninterruptedly until April 5, to prevent the spread of contagion by covid-19.

On Monday the ban on movement between municipalities ceases and in the next fortnight it is not foreseen “, said António Costa.

The measure was announced by the Prime Minister at the press conference announcing the second step of deflation in Portugal.

The ban on movement between municipalities was a measure taken several times to prevent the transmission of the disease between the community, not least because the municipalities have different incidences.

It was precisely this issue that led António Costa to recommend caution to 19 Portuguese municipalities, which have an incidence of more than 120 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, the maximum goal established by the Government.

On the borders, the head of the Government referred to an agreement with Spain to maintain the closure of the borders, to keep the pandemic “properly controlled”.

Portugal and Spain have been exemplary. We must be one of the few European countries to agree on border management without unilateral measures “, creased.

The movement ban between the 278 municipalities on the continent has already been applied several times in the context of combating the covid-19 pandemic.

The measure is currently in effect, in this Easter period, since last Friday and until 05:00 on Monday.


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