Absolute record: BH registers 90 deaths due to COVID-19 this Thursday (1/4) – General

Absolute record: BH registers 90 deaths due to COVID-19 this Thursday (1/4) – General
Absolute record: BH registers 90 deaths due to COVID-19 this Thursday (1/4) – General
Number of deaths in BH may skyrocket in the coming days after the collapse of the health system (foto: Gladyston Rodrigues/EM/D.A Press – 23/03/2020)

Belo Horizonte recorded its highest number of deaths from COVID-19 this Thursday (1/4): 90 lives lost. This jump is much higher than the previous record, which was 59, computed on the last day 26.

It is always worth remembering that not all of these deaths necessarily happened in the last 24 hours. This is because the process of confirming whether a death has occurred or not as a result of the new coronavirus takes an indefinite period.

The leap, however, comes in the wake of the collapse of the health system in recent weeks.

With these 90 more deaths, the city registers 3,314 in total. As the State of Minas showed on Wednesday (3/31), BH closed March as the month with the most cases of the disease and the second with the most deaths, second only to February.

As for the number of diagnoses, the growth was 1,939. In total, there are 144,877 confirmed cases: in addition to the deaths, there are 7,795 patients in the active phase of the disease and 133,768 recovered.

Victims’ profile

The majority of deaths due to COVID-19 in the city are among the elderly: 2,751 (83.22% of the total). Then there are those between 40 and 59: 488 deaths (14.42%).

71 people between 20 and 39 (2.24%), a teenager between 15 and 19 (0.03%), a preteen between 10 and 14 (0.03%) and two children also lost the war against the virus. under 4 years (0.06%).

1,784 men and 1,530 women died. Of all these people, 98 had no comorbidities: 78 men and 20 women.

In addition to age, heart disease and diabetes are the main risk factors for those who did not resist.

In the survey by regional, the Northwest is the region with the highest number of deaths due to COVID-19 in BH: 429, 24 more than the West Region. In the sequence, appear Northeast (397), Center-South (393), Barreiro (3783), East (359), Venda Nova (340), Pampulha (311) and North (297).


The occupation of beds of ICU for patients with COVID-19 fell for the third consecutive day in Belo Horizonte this Thursday. The indicator is 92.5%, lower than the 94.7% computed in the previous bulletin, released this Wednesday (3/31).

The fall is accompanied by the opening of more beds of the type. This Thursday, the survey brings an increase of seven units, all connected to the supplementary network.

Therefore, the city now has 1,129 intensive care places for victims of the pandemic: 548 in the Unified Health System Health (SUS) and 581 in private hospitals. Of these, 85 are free.

What is the coronavirus

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause respiratory infections. The new coronavirus agent (COVID-19) was discovered in December 2019 in China. The disease can cause infections with symptoms initially similar to colds or mild flu, but with the risk of getting worse, which can result in death.
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How is COVID-19 transmitted?

The transmission of coronaviruses usually occurs through the air or through personal contact with contaminated secretions, such as droplets of saliva, sneezing, coughing, phlegm, close personal contact, such as touching or handshaking, contact with contaminated objects or surfaces, followed by contact with mouth, nose or eyes.Video: People without symptoms transmit the coronavirus?

How to prevent?

The recommendation is to avoid crowding, stay away from those who show symptoms of respiratory infection, wash your hands frequently, cough with your forearm in front of your mouth and often use soap and water to wash your hands or gel alcohol after contact with surfaces and people. At home, take extra precautions against COVID-19.
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What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

Check out the main symptoms of people infected with COVID-19:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing
  • Gastric problems
  • Diarrhea

In severe cases, victims have

  • Pneumonia
  • Severe acute respiratory syndrome
  • Renal insufficiency

The types of symptoms for COVID-19 increase every week as researchers advance in identifying the behavior of the virus.

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Myths and truths about the virus

On social media, the spread of COVID-19 also spread rumors about how the Sars-CoV-2 virus is transmitted. And other doubts arose: Is alcohol gel capable of killing the virus? Is coronavirus lethal at a worrying level? Can an infected person infect several others? Will the epidemic kill thousands of Brazilians, as SUS would not be able to serve everyone? We did a report with an infectious disease doctor and he explains all the myths and truths about the coronavirus.Coronavirus and outdoor activities: video shows what science says

To learn more about the coronavirus, read also:

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