WHO says situation in Brazil is critical and reinforces concern

WHO says situation in Brazil is critical and reinforces concern
WHO says situation in Brazil is critical and reinforces concern

posted on 01/04/2021 15:54 / updated on 01/04/2021 15:55

(credit: Reproduction / WHO)

The technical leader of response to covid-19 in the World Health Organization (WHO), Maria Van Kerkhove, said in a press conference this Thursday (1/4), that the situation in Brazil in the context of the pandemic of the new coronavirus is critical. According to her, with the Brazilian variant P.1 (first identified in the state of Amazonas), which is more transmissible, the overburdened health system may be even more compromised.

“There is a very serious situation in Brazil at the moment, when we have a number of states that are in a critical situation. The challenges are diverse. In terms of transmissibility, with the P.1 variant that has been detected and is circulating in the country, if you have a more transmissible virus, you have more cases, and this can overload the health system that is already overloaded ”, he said, in response to mail.

Maria Van Kerkhove pointed out that the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is working together with the states and the country to make sure that they have supplies to care for patients, such as oxygen and all the necessary support. “In fact, it is a critical situation,” he said. The epidemiologist also pointed out that the variant P.1 is prevalent in 13 states, and that there is an increase in hospitalizations and demand for beds in the Intensive Care Unit, with an increase in severe cases at all ages, including the youngest, among 20 and 60 years.

Assistant director for access to WHO medicines, Brazilian Mariângela Simão said that WHO “is very concerned with what is happening in Brazil.” According to her, local vaccine production is a very important aspect at this moment, because despite if the country is receiving vaccine by the WHO consortium Covax Facility, Brazil manages to produce its own vaccines through the Butantan Institute and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz). “And this is essential, considering the pressure that exists in relation to the inputs”, he explained .

Mariângela also stressed that it is not enough to be guided by the availability of vaccines, even when the country has good vaccination coverage. According to her, it is important to maintain preventive measures, avoid crowding. “It is important that there is no false sense of security due to the availability of the vaccine,” he said.

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