Education Professionals in SP can now register for vaccination – News

Education Professionals in SP can now register for vaccination – News
Education Professionals in SP can now register for vaccination – News

The Secretary of State for Education, Rossieli Soares, presented this Thursday (1st) information about the beginning of the registration of the first phase of the vaccine for Education professionals over 47 years of kindergarten to high school. Vaccination begins on April 12.

According to Rossieli, all professionals from the regular municipal, state, federal and private networks enter this stage. In this first stage, teachers, school cooks, cleaning assistants, caregivers, principals and deputy principals, school secretaries and coordinators will be vaccinated. There will be 350 thousand vaccinated professionals, but the goal is to exceed one million. “Functions that are open to the public and cannot stop will be vaccinated at this moment, in the case of canteens, professionals will not be vaccinated”, explains Rossieli.

Retired or retired people will not receive the vaccine; in this first phase, only those who are active and in the school routine will be vaccinated.

“Teachers are on the immunization plan and we understand that Education is essential”, highlights Rossieli. “We are talking little about young people who are attempting suicide, apart from learning disadvantage, by immunizing the teacher and the team, we are protecting children.”

Professionals must register through the site After filling in, an email will be sent with confirmation to then proceed to vaccination – following the rules of each municipality determined by the municipal health departments.

“Registration is not a vaccine schedule, but an authorization for the person to receive the vaccine, the form will be defined by each municipality”, explains Geraldo Reple Sobrinho, president of COSEMS / SP.

There is no age scale. “If we had vaccines, São Paulo would be able to vaccinate more than one million people a day,” said Reple.

Step by step

The entire registration base is made from the CPF. The professional needs to confirm the data and the e-mail, which must be validated and through this email address confirmation will arrive. “The process can take up to an hour and people should be on the lookout for the spam box,” notes Rossieli.

Employees must declare whether they are employees (directly hired or tendered) or service provider (outsourced). It is important to fill this step correctly so as not to give an error in the validation. You will also have to select the education network.

To avoid fraud, you must attach at least two payslips. “It is an important step towards working in the network, we learned about hiring children and friends who are not teachers, so you need to prove that you work at school.”

After the registration process, the document follows by e-mail and must be taken in print or by cell phone, along with a photo and CPF document.


A Apeoesp (Union of Teachers of the São Paulo State Network) entered, Wednesday (31), in court asking for all teachers to be vaccinated in the State, not just teachers and employees of public and private schools over 47 years old, as announced by Governor João Doria (PSDB).

The request comes after the Government of the State of São Paulo decreed the return of face-to-face classes in the public and private network, in the middle of the red phase of the SP Plan, and inserting educational activities as an essential activity.

A judicial measure was classified by the Secretary of Education as “absolutely irresponsible” and may delay the immunization schedule for the sector. “We are aiming for all professionals, but we are aiming in stages, the networks are gigantic, we are doing it as the vaccines arrive.”

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