With an increase of 91% in 14 days, the state of SP registers a daily average of 890 deaths by Covid-19 this Thursday | Sao Paulo

With an increase of 91% in 14 days, the state of SP registers a daily average of 890 deaths by Covid-19 this Thursday | Sao Paulo
With an increase of 91% in 14 days, the state of SP registers a daily average of 890 deaths by Covid-19 this Thursday | Sao Paulo

1,082 new deaths were recorded in one day, bringing the total in the state to 75,734. If the state of São Paulo were a country, it would be in 11th place in the world ranking of those who have the highest absolute number of deaths from the disease.

Daily records do not necessarily mean that deaths happened overnight, but that they were accounted for in the system during this period. The values ​​are usually lower on weekends, when the health teams work on-call.

The moving average of deaths considers the records of the last seven days. As the calculation takes into account a longer period than the daily record, it is possible to measure the pandemic trend more reliably.

This Thursday, the daily moving average of new deaths broke a new record by reaching 890, an amount 91% higher than that registered 14 days ago. During the first peak of the disease, in 2020, the highest moving average death figures were no more than 280 per day.

The number of new deaths by Covid-19 has been on a strong upward trend for 31 days in a row in the state of São Paulo.

The moving average of new confirmed cases was also the highest on record since the beginning of the epidemic and exceeded 17 thousand for the first time. There were an average of 17,933 new cases this Tuesday, 25% more than the 14-day rate.

Pressure in the health system

With collapsing hospitals, medical teams begin to decide who will occupy ICU space

With more than 31,000 inpatients suspected or confirmed by Covid-19 across the public and private network, the state also faces intense pressure on the health system.

According to the latest balance sheet by the State Department of Health, released on Wednesday (31), there were 31,175 hospitalized, 12,961 patients in ICU beds and 18,214 in the ward.

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The occupancy rates of the ICU beds were 89.9% in the state and 88.5% in the Greater São Paulo.

According to a survey carried out by TV Globo and at G1, almost 500 people have already died in line for an ICU bed in the state.

March was the most lethal month

The month of March was the most of the entire pandemic in the state of São Paulo, with almost double the number of deaths recorded in July 2020.

Were 15.159 new victims in March, which on the 23rd had already become the month with the highest number of deaths. The previous monthly record, in July last year, was 8,234 thousand deaths.

Monthly number of deaths from Covid-19 in the state of SP

Source: State Health Department

The escalation of deaths in March also impacted the São Paulo capital’s Funeral Service, which took measures that had not been used even in the peak of 2020.

  • State of SP will vaccinate funeral service workers as of this Friday

This Tuesday (30th), the number of people buried in a day in São Paulo broke a record: there were 419. That number had never exceeded 400.

Until March 30, ceremonies were held for 9,350 people in public, private and crematorium cemeteries in São Paulo, which represents an increase of 56% in relation to the previous month, which is shorter.

February, which had 28 days, recorded 5,964 burials. Even so, in the previous months, the monthly average of burials was around 6,000.

With the increase in burials, the municipal administration extended the burial times in four cemeteries: Vila Formosa and Vila Alpina, both in the East Zone; São Luiz, in the South Zone; and Vila Nova Cachoeirinha, in the North Zone. Burials that used to be held from 7 am to 6 pm now take place from 7 am to 10 pm.

The Vila Nova Cachoeirinha Cemetery, the second largest in São Paulo, suspended new burials after the increase in deaths from the coronavirus.

In addition, the Funeral Service, which had 45 vehicles that transported bodies, expanded the fleet and hired 50 private vans. Some of these vehicles were used for school transport.

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